DKV finances with 100,000 euros nine social and environmental projects that will benefit 1,500 people.

In this edition of "You decide" there have been 12,317 votes from customers, employees, brokers, doctors and providers

DKV Seguros awarded assistance worth 100,000 euros to nine organisations under the 10th Grants Award for Social and Environmental Projects. These grants will directly benefit nearly 1,500 people.

The nine projects were chosen from 50 finalists, most aimed at people with chronic diseases, women, children, youth and people with disabilities. Note that three of the nine selected are international cooperation projects, in India, Mozambique and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

In this edition, we had 12,317 votes, thanks to dynamic social networking and involvement in project sponsorship by DKV Seguros staff.

For the seventh consecutive year, employees, brokers, doctors, customers and providers have been able to choose these nine projects, which the company supports with financial support through the "You decide. You choose a project, DKV makes it happen" project.

In the last edition of the event, there were 73 finalists and we had 20,697 cast. Since 2005, DKV has funded 75 entities with more than 835,000 euros, and has benefited more than 140,000 people.

Consulta los ganadores en el documento adjunto.