Galician women dedicate little time to themselves

Together with Castile-Leon and Madrid, Galician women spend less time on their personal well-being due to work and family obligations, according to the survey carried out by the DKV Instituto de la Vida Saludable (Healthy Living Institute). The study also reveals that only one in 200 Spanish women lead a very healthy lifestyle

Galicia is the Autonomous Community in Spain with the highest percentage of women with a healthy lifestyle. These are the results of the IV Study on Healthy Lifestyle and Wellness in Women, carried out by the DKV Instituto de la Vida Saludable (Healthy Living Institute), in collaboration with the Rey Juan Carlos University. Despite these results, a sector of Galician women state that they do not have a sensation of well-being as they don't feel well physically (25.3%) or mentally (20%).

The survey confirms that, among the over 3,000 women who took part in the study in Spain, only 0.5% of women, in other words, one in 200, fulfil the minimum requirements for leading a healthy lifestyle, according to the standards set by DKV. In Galicia, 66% of women declare that they have felt physically unwell during the last month, and give time and motivation as the main reasons why they cannot follow healthy lifestyle habits. 82% state that they have a general medical check-up once or twice a year, while 86% have a gynaecological check-up. A more serious result regarding medicine and prevention is that 38.89% take medication on a daily basis and 50% have taken medication during the last two weeks despite not having a doctor's prescription.

Healthy habits and rest

The results of an analysis of rest habits among Galician women show that they go to bed early and sleep well, but during the day they have less time to rest than other women in Spain. A quarter of the women taking part in the survey said that they did not have even one hour of rest during the day. This shows that, after Castile-Leon and Madrid,

Galician women spend the least time on themselves: whereas 12.2% say that they never or almost never have time, 45.56% state that they only occasionally have time, in most cases, due to work and other obligations.

Physical activity and diet

Regarding diet, Galician women eat the most fruit, together with women from other northern regions, such as Asturias, Navarre and Aragon. They generally eat homegrown products to combat the cold and damp climate of the region. This also means that they drink less water than in the rest of the country. Among the women taking part in the DKV survey, 36% state that they drink less than one litre of water per day.

Regarding physical activity, Galician women also stand out for other reasons. Sports shoes and clothes are popular in this region, although surprisingly only 30% of Galician women take part in sports activities. However, women who state that they do sport are more regular than other women in the country: 76% do some type of sport two to three times per week, and many do so on a daily basis; and most do it as a leisure activity (80%) and not to lose weight or for other reasons.

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