Zaragoza holds the first Regional Master's of MyPadel by DKV

The competition will be held in Valencia, Málaga, Madrid and Barcelona and will finish on 12 November in the Máster Final in Madrid

The leading sports event, the first Máster Regional tournament MyPadel by DKV, was held this weekend with 50 players. The Club Pádel Zaragoza (Calle de San Juan Bautista de la Salle 1) was the venue for the first date of the Master's tournament, which will be repeated during the following weeks in Valencia, Málaga, Madrid and Barcelona.

Eduardo Haro and Alejandro Gómez were the winners of the men's top level, Jorge Árabes and Juan Luis Etxaniz were the winners at medium level, and Nuria Aguerri and Eva Osanz were the winners in the women's category. All these players will now compete in the Final Masters tournament, due to take place in Madrid on 12 November and in which they will play against the best of each of the Regional Masters.

Óscar Alcuten and Paco Navarro were sub champions in the top level, José Sánchez and Valentine Duarte in the medium level and Natalia Cebrían and Marta Cebollero in the women's category. Two sessions of Padel fit were also held during the event; a fitness training session on the Padel courts.

The aim of DKV Seguros, the main sponsor of the project, is to encourage the practice of padel, one of the most popular sports in Spain, and which boasts over three million players.
A few months ago, DKV presented the mobile application MyPadel by DKV, which, under to tab “click and play”, allows players to book a court in any of the 500 clubs in Spain, using any mobile device, and in just two "clicks”. The App is available for Android and Apple devices. A blog in the App offers news on the world of padel, wellness and nutrition, training tips and other interesting contents for padel enthusiasts.

The launch of the project also includes a photo competition to choose the best hit (MyPadel MVP), and a competition that will be held in over 150 Clubs (MyPadel Competition) with over 20,000 players taking part. DKV Seguros also reinforces its support for the sport by sponsoring the installations of 7 popular clubs in various cities, and also the number one doubles team on the professional circuit, the Alayeto twins.

Download the app in or find it in Google Play or Apple Store.