The DKV Tower hosts an exhibition about combating global warming featuring cartoonists from all over the world

‘El cambio climático no tiene gracia (Climate change isn't funny)', an exhibit organised by the magazine Ballena Blanca and DKV Seguros, opens on 9 November

How does the Egyptian cartoonist Doaa Eladl feel about the rising temperatures caused by global warming? What does the Saudi illustrator Yazeed think of reducing oil consumption? How does Maritrena, from Cuba, depict the spread of tropical diseases due to climate change in a funny cartoon?

Starting on 9 November, Zaragoza will play host to an event featuring humorous cartoons that take a very serious look at global warming. Under the title, ‘El cambio climático no tiene gracia (Climate Change isn't funny)’, renowned cartoonists from all over the world present their viewpoint on this serious issue and the implications it has on health, biodiversity, the economy, agriculture, etc. This initiative from the environmental magazine Ballena Blanca, with the support of DKV Seguros, emphasises how climate change is a global phenomenon that requires a decisive response from the whole planet.

En la muestra llama la atención el contraste entre el humorista keniata Gado, que incide en la injusta carga del calentamiento global para regiones pobres como África, y la ácida crítica del cartoonist estadounidense Wolverton contra la pasividad de aquellos que ignoran el problema en su país. Also featured is the French cartoonist Ballouhey, who ridicules the excessive dependence on cars in the industrialised world; and Malagón, from Spain, who incisively sketches the relationship between climate change and extreme weather events.

After Zaragoza, the exhibit will visit other cities in Spain. Ballena Blanca began working on this project two years ago, displaying the first three cartoons at the Paris Global Climate Summit held in December 2015. That showing sowed the seeds for a much larger event; it now features 15 pieces from cartoonists from all over the world.

The exhibit, open from 9 November until 10 December, is part of the health and environment series taking place at the DKV Tower in Zaragoza (Avda. María Zambrano, 31) between 15 November and 10 December. The series, whose schedule you can view here, includes several activities such as the presentation of the 2nd climate change and health Observatory from the DKV Healthy Life Institute and a screening of the documentary “Olas Limpias (Clean Waves)”, directed by Inka Reichert, which tells the story of a group of surfers who fight against the 'invisible’ pollution contaminating the sea.

About Ballena Blanca: Some cartoons on display have been on the cover of Ballena Blanca, like the piece from Spanish cartoonist Forges, or the compelling cartoon dedicated to US President, Donald Trump. This is not a conventional environmental magazine. Launched in 2014 by freelance journalists in Spain, the project seeks to be an innovative medium for trying new ways of calling attention to environmental issues while also placing importance on other fields, like economics and energy. To do so, this unique publication uses wit, design and, of course, humour.