DKV Seguros raises €30,000 to build the SJD Paediatric Cancer Centre at SJD Sant Joan de Deu Hospital

The concert “Carmona y DKV, juntos #ParaLosValientes” contributes almost €10,000 to build the largest paediatric cancer centre in Europe.

DKV Seguros gives €30,000 to Sant Joan de Déu Hospital in Barcelona to build the SJD Paediatric Cancer Centre Barcelona, the largest paediatric cancer centre in Europe. This financial aid was made possible thanks to the proceeds of tickets and donations of the attendees of the charity concert “Carmona y DKV, juntos #ParaLosValientes”, all of which is going towards this cause. The concert made almost €10,000, which will be added to the €20,000 that DKV Seguros, as a “Brave Company", has already contributed to the initiative of this hospital in Barcelona.

The concert “Carmona y DKV, juntos #ParaLosValientes” that takes place on Tuesday, 13 February, in the Sala Luz de Gas in Barcelona, sees the guest artist Antonio Carmona in his sold-out return to present his third album "Obras son amores".

Solidarity through music

Through its solidarity platform “A Million Smiles”, DKV rewards and acknowledges the participation in social causes of its employees, customers, doctors and agents, by offering them a live musical experience.

In addition, these types of musical initiatives help to finance social initiatives of impact in the field of healthcare, through the proceeds of ticket sales, the donations of concert attendees, and the contributions of the insurance company.

As Josep Santacreu, CEO of DKV, explains: “thanks to our collaboration in the past with the artist Antonio Orozco and the sponsorships of the Festival de Pedralbes and the Festival Mil·lenni, we understand the emotional power of music; so now we are moving forward with a new project linked to the social commitment of our employees and collaborators, and the collection of funds for a very important healthcare initiative: the SJD Paediatric Cancer Centre Barcelona”.

DKV organised “Carmona y DKV, juntos #ParaLosValientes” to offer a high-quality event to its most socially committed collaborators, while also continuing to support causes such as the new medical facility for children with cancer planned for Sant Joan de Déu Hospital in Barcelona. Therefore, the insurance company not only produced and financed the event, but also choose and invited the performer.

“A Million Smiles”

As an insurance company interested in building a healthier world, DKV strives to involve its contributors every day the different volunteering programmes and social responsibility activities that it offers, such as “A Million Smiles”.

A Million Smiles is a digital platform of social initiatives that aims to promote solidarity and add value to customer relations, helping them to get involved in social projects. To achieve this objective, every month, DKV encourages people to participate in different solidarity initiatives in exchange for points (called smiles) that they can redeem for prizes such as donations to NGOs, cinema tickets, and vouchers for leisure experiences. In addition, the insurance company commits to match the amount of money donated by the users of “A Million Smiles”, as stated in the terms and conditions.

DKV is present throughout Spain with an extensive network of health insurance and consulting offices, with close to 2,000 employees providing services to some 2 million customers.