Quiero cuidarme establishes itself as the most downloaded healthcare app in Spain, with over 212,000 downloads

Quiero cuidarme forms part of DKV's new digital health model which places the individual at the centre

Spaniards are increasingly making efforts to manage, control and improve their health and well-being through DKV's Quiero cuidarme app. In fact, with over 212,000 downloads in under a year, it has become the most downloaded healthcare app in Spain. This figure not only demonstrates the increasing social awareness about the importance of having a healthy lifestyle in order to benefit from optimal physical and mental health, but it also indicates the increased usage of healthcare apps by the Spanish population.

In a world in which technology is causing healthcare to evolve towards monitoring and self-assessment as a means of prevention, Quiero cuidarme has emerged as the leading app in Spain. According to Josep Santacreu, CEO of DKV Seguros, this achievement shows that “with Quiero cuidarme, we have created a new digital healthcare model in Spain". And adds: “this model places the individual at the centre. This is based on the knowledge that if we know ourselves better, we can take better care of ourselves and, therefore, optimise our current health condition, and also prevent certain illnesses in the future".

For this reason, in addition to enabling users to monitor their health easily and responsibly, wherever they are, the app also serves as an incentive and support to maintain healthy life habits.

Facilitating self-care and prevention: the key of Quiero cuidarme

Quiero cuidarme is a mobile healthcare app that empowers users to look after their health and well-being as a preventative measure. When users enter their personal data in the application by answering a series of questions, they are given their Healthy Life Index, a numerical value (from 0 to 1000) for their habits and health condition, which is obtained through a scientific algorithm based on nine parameters: physical activity, healthy diet, body mass, cholesterol, glucose, blood pressure, tobacco use, emotional and quality well-being, and quality of sleep; the last two of which are particularly demonstrative indicators and crucial for assessing the general health of anyone. In addition, the algorithm also takes into account other aspects, such as age and sex, which also influence a healthy lifestyle.

In fact, Healthy Life Index is becoming a valuable piece of personal information for users to understand their health condition and take measures to improve it. In this regard, based on the Healthy Life Index obtained and, above all, the responses gathered from the questionnaires for each indicator (diet, physical exercise, quality of sleep, emotional well-being, etc.), the DKV application gives users personalised advice about healthy habits to implement in their daily life in order to reach their optimal health condition, both now and in the future.

DKV understands how important it is for companies to go beyond making financial profits, and to assume their ethical, social and environmental responsibility through actions aimed at interest groups. As an insurance company, DKV endeavours to create a healthier world in the fields of healthcare, the environment, childhood obesity, the labour integration of people with disabilities, and active ageing.

DKV is present throughout Spain with an extensive network of health insurance offices (https://eng.dkvseguros.com/seguros-medicos-particulares) and consultancies, where close to 2,000 employees serve nearly 2 million customers.