"Monólogo sobre Chernobyl" photograph exhibition

by Raúl Moreno


Next Thursday, 3 May, we will be presenting the exhibition ‘‘Monologo sobre Chernobyl’’ by Raúl Moreno, winner of the first DKV Seguros grant in the DKV Arteria art programme, which was awarded at the Photography and Journalism Session in Albarracín in 2016. which was awarded at the Photography and Journalism Session in Albarracín in 2016.

The photograph exhibition is a homage to the forgotten people of Chernobyl, those who are still paying for the terrible consequences of the disaster caused by the Chernobyl nuclear power station in 1986, whose reactor number four exploded during an ill-executed drill. This work, in addition to including images of destruction and desolation taken in the exclusion zone, revolves around a topic which for the photographer is even much more interesting: the food produced by an entire country poisoned. The cultivated produce is contaminated with Cesium 137 and Strontium 90, and they are consumed every day by the inhabitants of these areas, these radioactive isotopes being deposited gradually in their bodies.

This situation has resulted in an immense number of cases of children with mental illnesses; people that suffer from thyroid problems, leukaemia and other types of cancers; and cardiovascular or respiratory problems, among others. These people want to continue living in this place: it is their home, their life. Others do not have the necessary resources to change residence or to import and buy healthy fruit. “I do not fear the radiation, I only fear the Nazis”, says Praskovia Afanasievna, an old lady living in the exclusion zone

This grant is part of the DKV Arteria art programme, through which DKV Seguros promotes various activities aimed at encouraging artistic creation as a path for communication and expression, a stimulus for health and a way to maximise personal development.

The DKV Arteria programme also includes works of art from the DKV Collection, which holds approximately 550 art pieces created by 225 Spanish artists, the "Fresh Art" competition aimed at pre-university students and the company prize "DKV Arte y Salud" in collaboration with the Fine Arts Faculty of the Universitat Politécnica de València (UPV), which trains and promotes new artists.