Healthy forests

Being close to nature is good for your health


Communing with nature and health

Being close to nature is good for your health and enhances your quality of life. Green spaces can play an important role in the prevention of some illnesses, as recent scientific studies have shown. Evidence has shown that exposing our bodies to nature can reduce stress, anxiety and insomnia, it improves the immune system, reduces blood pressure and boosts the mood, among other psychological and psychological benefits.

What is forest bathing?

Forests, as emblematic elements of nature, are being used for their beneficial effects. Since 1982 in Japan, "forest bathing" has been promoted as an activity that consists of taking leisurely walks through forests and taking in the environment using all the senses. "Shinrin-yoku", as it is known in Japan, is a preventive medicine therapy used by between one and two million Japanese. This healthy activity is now practiced in other countries like South Korea, the United States, Australia, Germany, the United Kingdom and also in Spain.

DKV Healthy Forests

Japanese health consultations often prescribe exposure to nature alongside a balanced diet and regular physical exercise. With this pioneering initiative in Spain, DKV Seguros promotes and facilitates contact with nature as a way of improving general health. The motivation behind defending our country's forests is not only about preventing the harm a poor natural environment causes to our health, but is also about multiplying the benefits that forests contribute to our health.