I Study of healthy lifestyle and wellness in women. Year 2013

DKV Healthy Life Institute

We study and we show you the reality of health care for women.


About the study

The research was based on an online questionnaire of a sample of 3,000 Spanish women with and without children, between 18 and 65, and from all regions.

The study is divided into six big sections: perception of wellness, healthy habits, medical checkups, diet, physical activity and rest. In each one, as well as analysing the actual healthy habits of participants, we also looked at how much they knew about healthy habits.

A collaboration of DKV and Rey Juan Carlos University to study and teach you about the reality of health care for women.

Main findings

Perception of wellness

  • 65.5% perceive their state of being as good or very good, and 74.4% expect it to improve in the next five years.
  • Emotional distress is the fundamental reason for the low levels of wellness, with 57% of responses.

Healthy habits

  • Only 29% maintains healthy habits.
  • 72% reported not smoking, compared to 19%, who claim to consume tobacco daily.


  • Although they know it's advisable to get amedical checkup, only half do it.


  • 89% considered eating five meals a day to be healthy, but only 48% do so.
  • They know how often they should eat each food group, but in their actual habits there are marked differences in the consumption of fruits, vegetables and juices.

Physical activity

  • 68% admit to have started a physical activity that they did not subsequently continue.
  • Walking is the exercise of choice for most, 76%.


  • Only 32% sleep between 7 and 9 hours a day.
  • 60% lose sleep because of nerves, stress or worries.