An initiative for the prevention of childhood obesity

DKV works to prevent and reduce weight problems and obesity in children

We have launched an initiative which aims to address all those involved: children, parents, teachers, public administrations, the press, etc., and to help, with the support of everyone, to find a solution to the problem of childhood obesity. We will develop various action plans designed to raise awareness of the problem and encourage healthy habits from an early age.

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Are you interested in the causes and effects of high levels of childhood obesity?

"Study on the situation of childhood obesity in Spain" is a document published by DKV Seguros which complies data showing the seriousness of the current situation. It analyses the variations by geographical area and highlights the most vulnerable social sectors affected by the problem of childhood obesity.

Action designed to reach all parties involved


Children and adolescents

The YouTubers who are popular among children and adolescents join the fight against childhood obesity and teach the importance of leaving behind a sedentary lifestyle through their own favourite activity: videogames.


Parents play a fundamental role in raising awareness about the future among their children and encouraging a healthy diet accompanied by physical exercise. We want to help families to instil healthy habits with a view to combating obesity, with the help the Parent University.


Another of the key players in the fight against childhood obesity in Spain are, of course, professional health care workers. Paediatricians from the DKV Seguros medical directory collaborate with this project from their surgeries.


We collaborate with schools where children are taught about the importance of a healthy diet and physical exercise, using the LEGO Education methodology. We also promote healthy lifestyle habits in schools for disadvantaged students, in collaboration with Ayuda en Acción.




How to combat childhood obesity with DKV: health insurances with preventive medical insurance



Paediatric medical line

Call a paediatrician at any time for help in any aspect of your child's health, on 902 499 799.


Nutritional health line

We provide phone advice on diet issues on 902 499 799 to help you with the prevention and control of illnesses.


Plan for the Prevention of childhood obesity

For children and adolescents from two to sixteen years of age. The aim is to prevent childhood obesity through education in healthy lifestyle habits for parents and children.


Healthy childhood prevention plan

The plan provides information to parents on diet, hygiene, games, vaccinations, etc., to ensure that your children grow up healthy and happy.


Childhood Obesity health line

Specialists in nutrition and diet will offer advice on matters relating to childhood obesity and healthy diet.


DNA blood test to predict obesity levels

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Specialists in endocrinology and nutrition

Our health care network includes medical specialists in childhood obesity.


Paediatric clinics and hospitals

Nationwide, for the treatment of endocrine and rheumatic diseases associated to obesity.