Combating childhood obesity with a video game makes a lot of sense

It makes sense to combat childhood obesity with a video game Download RUNNERS4HEALTH to your mobile phone, the game recommended by aLexBY11, TheWillyrex, Vegetta777 and sTaXx that helps you to keep fit while playing.

Run, jump, have fun and, above all, don't stop! Collect the fruit that will give you energy and dodge all the obstacles to accumulate the maximum number of kilometres possible. You will also find practical tips to combat a sedentary lifestyle and follow a healthy diet. The key for overcoming childhood obesity is never to press pause.

DKV Seguros    DKV Seguros

Much more than a video game

The winners of the Runners4Health competition were given the chance to meet their idols, aLexBY11, Willyrex, sTaXx and Patry Jordan during 'Sports Day’, organised by DKV Seguros. Eight boys and girls shared with them a day of exercise, nutrition, leisure activities and video games.

However, the most important achievement is that the players in Runners4Health have already run over 360,000 virtual kilometres in their fight against childhood obesity in the 110,000 games played to date. Do you want to keep adding kilometres?