Workshops with Ayuda en Acción


DKV Seguros is joining forces with the NGOs Ayuda en Acción and the Alícia Foundation to improve eating habits and promote healthy living habits in educational centres in areas that are deemed disadvantaged with respect to the education of families, the professional category of employed people and unemployment rates. These factors lead to greater educational and social needs among pupils, which is why childhood obesity rates are higher.

Three types of workshops will be held: cooking for children, physical activity workshops for children - both of which will take place in educational centres - and workshops for families, which will discuss the importance of maintaining a balanced diet and an active lifestyle.

In the Ayuda en Acción and Alícia Foundation workshops, 17,000 children will learn about the importance of their diet, good eating habits, cooking and the relationship that food has with science, cultural heritage and the food industry, all in a fun and engaging way. All workshops use experimentation as a primary learning tool.