Cover for travel companions in the medical insurance

When we go on holiday, the last thing we want to think about is an incident that means we have to use our health insurance policy to cover our medical needs

To avoid any unexpected high costs during our rest days, before we travel, it is a good idea to check what coverage our health insurance offers when we are abroad, given that the cover can vary depending on the country. 

Once we have checked the general and particular terms and conditions of our health insurance, we will have a general idea of how to act in the case of a potential incident during our time abroad. 

Whenever we review the coverage of our health insurance, we focus our attention on the potential effects of the incident, what type of health problems are covered, which hospitals we can go to, whether the medication prescribed by the medical professional is covered, whether the transfer or repatriation of the patient entails a cost, etc. 

Travel coverage for your companion

Essentially, we focus on the patient whilst not considering their companions, who are fundamental in these cases given that they are the ones who will manage the bureaucracy that these types of incidents entail. 

Furthermore, when we have a health problem, and particularly when the episode occurs outside of our home country, feeling that we are accompanied by someone we trust will mean that the patient can focus solely on their recovery and leave matters derived from the functioning of our medical coverage to their companions, with respect to the health system in the country we are in. 

In the cover offered by medical insurance companies, we have the ability to ensure that our companion stays by our side throughout the process, in the event of suffering a medical mishap. This cover includes accommodation expenses if the patient is hospitalised for longer than a day, and travel if a transfer back to the country of origin is required after hospitalisation. 

Consult your insurance company

Knowing all these requirements, we can select the appropriate cover for the type of trip we are taking, and travel with full protection against any unexpected circumstances that may arise.  

Ideally, in these cases, we would contact our insurance company directly to find out about the availability of this kind of coverage and the supplement we would need to pay to be covered on our trip. Sometimes, insurance firms allow us to take out certain coverage for a limited time period, in this case for the amount of time we are abroad.


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