Travel health insurance per day

Whenever we decide to travel, even if only for a few days, we need to have health insurance to cover any potential incidents

No matter how short the trip, we are not exempt from suffering an accident that requires medical treatment and that may involve unexpected expenses that can sometimes be very high, so it is always advisable to take out insurance, even if the policy is just for a few days.

Generally speaking our trips are short; a romantic weekend in Paris, a weekend exploring Norwegian fjords, 5 days surfing in the Algarve... In all these cases, it's common to travel without any coverage as we mistakenly believe that our risks are reduced, given that we're not away for long. 

Realistically, we have the same chance of experiencing an accident on short trips as we do on longer, relaxing holidays. The best way to enjoy a holiday without any surprises is to take out health insurance that keeps us covered during our stay away from home. 

Travel insurance by the hour, a good option

When we consider taking out an insurance policy, the first idea that comes to mind is taking out a policy for a long period of time, with monthly premium payments or a single annual payment. We usually don't think of taking out health insurance by the hour, although it is an increasingly popular option due to the increase in people doing high risk sports. 

This type of health insurance for travel by the hour makes it easier to take out a policy. In some cases, they allow you to take out the policy just a few hours before starting the activity. Depending on the activity or trip we carry out, the coverage that we must include will be different, thus affecting the price of the premium. 

When taking out travel insurance, we need to read the general and particular terms and conditions, given that it is important for us to know how to act and what our insurance covers in the event of a problem, and avoid any unfortunate surprise in the case of a potential accident that affects our health. 


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