Holidays with health insurance

When we go on holiday, we tend to worry about having all the essentials ready to enjoy a few relaxing days in the sun, but is our health covered in the case of an accident?

The days before a holiday, we start getting excited and agitated about everything being perfect so that we can leave and disconnect. We tend to double check that we've packed everything we need, that our flight and accommodation details are all in order, that we have directions to our main destinations, etc. 

On many occasions, we forget about a very important element that can prevent future problems on holiday: taking out health insurance. This document will cover us against any potential misfortune that affects our health and that of our family. 

Enjoying holidays with health insurance is not about being a person who is always getting into bad situations or feels unlucky, it is simply a question of being someone who plans ahead against potential mishaps. 

Holidays with health insurance. What do I need?

There is a difference between going on holiday in a European city, where 90% of your time will be spent on tourism, such as visiting the main monuments and recommendations of a travel guide, and going on safari in Africa or carrying out a high-risk sport in a secluded part of the planet.  

In the first example, tourism in Europe, we just need a health insurance policy that covers the main medical issues that we could face during the time spent outside of our own country. Furthermore, in cases where our destination forms part of the European Union, we can enjoy comprehensive health care with the European Health Insurance Card that offers the same health cover as any resident of the country has. 

If our destination is further afield and our main activity will be performing high-risk activities, the health insurance that we will need will be one with specific coverage for potential injuries derived from these activities. 

Whatever the reason for your holidays, what you should never forget is that you need health insurance. 

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