Insurance comparison tool

The insurance comparison tool helps you find the insurance policy that best suits your needs, thus saving you money and time when looking for and taking out a policy

If you're thinking of taking out health insurance or are about to renew your policy in the near future, you should think about using an insurance comparison tool. When taking out health insurance, most people focus on how much it costs.

Only thinking about the cost of the insurance product is a major error. If you take out a cheap insurance policy, you may find that you only have the minimum level of cover in the event of an accident. In the long run, this will mean that you'll have to spend more to obtain a satisfactory result.

Customised insurance search

Insurance comparators give us the possibility to customise our search for health, car or home protection insurance... to obtain the result that best suits our needs, as we are able to select or deselect the cover that we want to be included in our insurance. 

As well as the ability to customise the search, as the name suggests, insurance comparators compare the characteristics of each policy so that you can see an overview of what each company offers and which of them has the best conditions both in terms of price and coverage. 

Given the current amount of insurance companies, if you were to take it upon yourself to compare all the services each one of them offers before choosing one insurance policy over another, it would take forever and the result would not be entirely correct, as you might not be able to access all the solutions available on the market. 

Another of the advantages an insurance comparison tool offers you is that, in the majority of cases, you are offered the option to directly contact the company or companies you select without having to leave the comparison website. The tool will give you a breakdown of the entire policy so you can speak to the insurance broker. 

How an insurance comparison tool works 

Insurance comparison tools are easy to use and intuitive. At the beginning of the process, you will be asked to provide certain information in order to identify you and create a user profile. From then on, the insurance comparison tool will provide you with a number of detailed options so you can choose the type of cover you're interested in for health insurance policies, or what you want to cover for home insurance policies. 

Once you have chosen the cover and characteristics of the insurance policy you want, the insurance comparison tool will use an algorithm to offer you the best option and will also provide you with a direct link so you can contact the company that sells the chosen insurance policy. 

Finally, many insurance companies offer discounts for taking out a policy online, as this saves costs, which means that by using an insurance comparison tool, not only can you find the best option to suit your needs, but you will also be offered the best price. 

The insurance broker option

If you're the kind of person who still values personal interaction in these types of arrangements, and if you want someone to give you advice and answer your questions in person, your best option is to visit an insurance broker.

An insurance broker is an individual or legal entity who/that acts as an intermediary for people who want to take out private insurance policies. As such, they are not connected to any specific company within the sector. As they are not linked to any company, they undertake to offer impartial information and advice about different products on the market. 


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