Insurance special conditions

If you are in the process of taking out a health insurance policy, you are likely to have a number of questions related to the characteristics of the health insurance contract

One of the most important questions relates to the different conditions included in the contract. 

In this respect, we need to consider both the general terms and conditions and the particular terms and conditions. However, here we will take a look at the special conditions, which are particularly significant when it comes to taking out a health insurance policy. 

The insurance contract is made up of the insurance application, the health declaration, the general terms and conditions, the particular terms conditions, the supplements and the appendices, and, in certain cases, the special conditions. 

What are the special conditions?

Special conditions govern the scope of the guarantees provided by the insurer, both for the main component of the insurance and for each aspect of the complementary cover. The Special Conditions may include or exclude guarantees or other circumstances that modify the indications of the general terms and conditions.  

In other words, the special conditions are designed to specify the rules set out in the policy's general and particular terms and conditions. Examples of special conditions include excesses payable by the insured person, or certain exclusions and inclusions.

Furthermore, special conditions may include or exclude guarantees or other circumstances that modify the indications of the general terms and conditions, so we must always take the special conditions into account when choosing our insurance company. 

In all cases, if you have any questions in terms of taking out your health insurance, we advise you to contact your selected insurance firm so that you have all the information needed in relation to the special conditions

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