Insurance particular conditions

When taking out health insurance, an important point that affects the final policy price is the particular conditions

The particular conditions of insurance policies refer to the personal characteristics of each insured person, which can alter the final cost of the policy and which coverage aspects will be excluded in the health insurance contract.

Both the general terms and conditions and the particular conditions specify the rights and obligations of both the insurance firm towards the insured and vice versa.

The document that includes the particular conditions will be delivered to the customer together with the rest of the relevant information, to be signed before the contract is formalised.

Particular conditions appendix 

The particular conditions will reflect aspects stipulated in the insurance contract and may include all the conditions of the insurance policy that affect that specific customer individually, from the conditions in which s/he has taken out certain coverage to aspects of the insurance contract's formalisation and its validity

Any point of the health insurance taken out will be subject to the appendix of the contract that incorporates the particular conditions, which, as mentioned previously, is the document that stipulates the requirements under which each contracted coverage will be offered.  

Unlike the general terms and conditions document, which is the same for all customers who take out health insurance, the document that details the particular conditions will vary depending on each customer and their needs or state of health.

In view of the above, these particular conditions must be taken into account when taking out an insurance policy, and customers must fully understand the terms and conditions of said policy and be aware of the extent of cover available when requesting the services of the insurance company.

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