Health insurance broker

There are different ways to take out health insurance. One of them is through an insurance broker. Do you know how they work?

There are currently many distribution channels used by insurance companies to market their insurance policies. We can take out insurance through a physical branch, through agents, using the services of an insurance broker or, like the vast majority, using new technologies, over the internet. 

Of all the above, perhaps the category of health insurance brokers is the most unknown. A medical insurance broker is an individual or company who acts as a mediator in the contracting of private insurance, and is independent of any specific company in the sector. By not being affiliated to any company, they are committed to offer impartial information and advice on the different offers on the market. 

When is it advisable to take out the services of an insurance broker?

One of the main reasons why we may decide to use an insurance broker is the complexity of the different types of insurance, the large number of companies that offer policies and the risks to be insured exceeding the simple parameters that go with simple insurance policies. 

In these cases, as we have mentioned, the most sensible option is to contract the services of an insurance broker, always assessing their solvency, professionalism and good reputation so that they can offer us the best coverage at the best price. 

In addition to medical insurance brokers, there are other types of insurance brokers with different relationships with insurance companies: insurance agents and banking-insurance operators

Each mediator may only exercise under one of these names, and the possibility of combining both tasks, that of an insurance agent and broker or that of an insurance agent and a banking-insurance operator, is not allowed.  

Advantages of using the services of an insurance broker

The way a medical insurance broker works allows the user to save time and money, since the broker will be in charge of filtering the different products offered by insurance companies.  

Furthermore, the service offered by the insurance broker does not entail an excess cost for the user as their remuneration is borne by the insurance companies themselves, considered part of the distribution structure. 

Insurance brokers offer customers up-to-date information on the insurance world, enabling customers to have the correct documentation to choose the best coverage for their specific case. 

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