Visit to the doctor

When your health is seriously affected, the first step to get back to normal is to visit a doctor

Visits to the doctor are usually the gateway to the healthcare service. Before a primary care consultation, we need to make an appointment, which we can do in different ways. On the one hand, you can complete the entire appointment procedure online. Thus, in a simple click you get an overview of the days and dates on which your doctor is available, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. 

If you are not so familiar with new technologies and prefer in-person assistance, you can go to your health centre and make the appointment in person. The documentation needed to make an appointment to visit to the doctor is your health card, which gives medical professionals access to your medical history. 

Visit to the primary healthcare practitioner 

If the reason for your visit to the doctor is minor, the family doctor who will attend you will be responsible for prescribing treatment and, if necessary, adding the medication necessary for your recovery into your electronic prescription

On the contrary, if your problem is serious or requires the assessment of a specialist doctor, it will be the primary healthcare practitioner who will refer you to a specialised centre or directly to a hospital depending on the urgency of the treatment

If you arrange an appointment to visit the doctor and you are not able to go for various reasons, to ensure the public healthcare continues to function correctly, it is advisable to call the healthcare centre where you arranged your appointment in order to cancel the visit to the doctor and to enable someone else to benefit from that time. 

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