Network-affiliated medical directory health insurance

Access private healthcare without worrying about the price

Medical directory health insurance

  • Extensive network of doctors and clinics: 40,000 doctors and 1,000 centres
  • Dental service included
  • Video consultations and chat with a practitioner via the Quiero Cuidarme Más app
  • 36% discount in DKV Integral insurance.

Find your closest practitioner or medical centre

With more than 40,000 medical professionals and 1,000 medical centres.

The advantages we offer

Commitment to not cancelling the policy and discounts for family policies.

Emergency worldwide assistance

The most extensive coverage on the market.

Contact a doctor on your mobile phone

Unlimited consultations by video call and chat with specialists

Compare coverages of our most popular health insurance with medical directory policies

Medical directory policies will give you access to DKV's medical directory (healthcare network).

  DKV Modular

Module A
Primary Care

DKV Integral Classic PROMO! 

Medical directory
With contribution

36% discount in 2021

DKV Integral Élite PROMO!

Medical directory
Without contribution

36% discount in 2021

Primary Care, emergencies and paediatrics
Diagnostic specialists and methods
Hospitalisation and surgery
Dental service included
No hospitalisation limits (except psychiatry)
Online records

Worldwide travel assistance in the case of emergencies (max. 180 days/trip and max. €20,000)

Daily compensation for time spent in hospital from the 3rd day after admission (when not at the expense of the company) at no additional cost
Contracting age up to 75
Non-cancellation of policy pledge after three annuities
Preventive care programmes
Contribution for medical treatment With contribution With contribution Without copayment
Comprehensive transplant coverage:
Cover included Coverage not included

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