The most popular DKV health insurance product.

  • Worldwide travel assistance, in case of emergency abroad.
  • Just this month! Discounts for the next years: - 20% in 2019, -20% in 2020, -15% in 2021, -10% in 2022, -5% in 2023.
  • More than 40,000 doctors and 1,000 medical centres.
  • 24-hour paediatric care and video consultation and chat via Digital Doctor
  • FREE dental cover
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What is the most suitable type of health insurance for you?

DKV Integral - target1

I am looking for an economical policy, while still enjoying private healthcare, and I prefer to pay more when I use it."

DKV Integral Complet

  • Access to our medical directory
  • High copayment.Info
  • Co-payment example:
    • General medicine, paediatrics and nursing: €12
    • Other specialities: €20
DKV Integral - target2

I need a comprehensive cover that I can trust, without the premium skyrocketing."

DKV Integral Classic insurance

  • Access to our medical directory
  • Low copayment.Info
  • Co-payment example:
    • General medicine, paediatrics and nursing: €1.95
    • Other specialities: €2.95
DKV Integral - target3

I would like to go to my doctor whenever I need to, without worrying about anything else."

DKV Integral Élite insurance

  • Access to our medical directory
  • Co-payment example:
    • General medicine, paediatrics and nursing: €0
    • Other specialities: €0
Protect your health with the prestige and quality provided by the European leader in medical insurance
Cover and services

What cover and services are offered in the DKV Integral medical directory insurance?

Enjoy the most comprehensive medical directory health insurance and the best healthcare. You decide the doctor or clinic in our network that you wish to visit.

No waiting lists or long procedures. You have more than 1,000 associated centres and more than 40,000 medical professionals throughout Spain. Avoid the crowds and ensure the fastest, most convenient and efficient healthcare, choosing only what you need.

Included cover

Daily compensation for hospitalisation

If you are admitted to hospital, from the third day onwards you will receive 80 euros per day, when none of the hospitalisation costs are charged to DKV.

Primary care

General practice, emergencies, paediatrics, ambulances, analyses...

Direct access to all specialities

Cardiology, digestive system, traumatology, gynaecology, ophthalmology, chiropody, dermatology, allergies... and all diagnostic tests

Surgery and hospitalisation

Cancer and kidney treatments, among others; surgery; hospitalisation (ICU and pregnancy-related included); prostheses; and much more!

Pack your suitcases worry-free

You can count on up to 20,000 euros for emergency assistance worldwide. One of the highest limits on the market!

Contact a doctor on your mobile phone

You will be able to contact a doctor by phone, video call or chat. Getting a first medical opinion has never been so easy.

Services included


Unlike other health insurance policies within the sector, yours will include dental service cover.

Medical phone lines

24h, paediatric health, women's health, sports, nutrition, mental health...

Preventive care programmes

Sign up to our remote and free prevention programmes and we'll help you improve your overall health.

Medical care in accidents

If you have any kind of occupational or traffic accident, don't worry, we will assist you.

Do you have a trusted paediatrician or gynaecologist?

You have the option of adding whichever paediatrics or gynaecology service you wish, even if it is not included in the medical directory.


Up to 20 sessions per insured person/year.

DKV Health and Wellbeing Club discounts

You will have access to the entire catalogue of health and well-being services at lower-than-market prices.

Our clients' experiences motivate us to improve day by day.

Terms and conditions of the contract

Any insurance policy must start with a commitment

And health is not just different for each of us. It also changes over time. This is why it is a good idea to periodically review your insurance and check whether it is still fully adapted to your needs at any time.

Peace of mind
Highest age for taking out insurance on the market: up to the age of 75, in an individual policy
We want to offer you insurance that lasts a lifetime, whatever happens. In other words: We won't increase the price because you use your insurance too much, and after the third year, we won't cancel it either.
To reduce the costs of protecting your family, you will have a discount of up to 12% on your family insurance.
If you pay annually, you'll receive an additional 7.5% discount
Digital health

At DKV, we work to make your life easier

Health insurance that you can use, even without going to the doctor. People tend to think that health insurance is only useful for going to see the doctor. But nowadays, with our increasingly hectic lifestyles, it is not always easy to find time to go to a consultation.

Digital Doctor app

Digital Doctor app

You will also have access to Digital Doctor, an app that lets you talk with a doctor by phone, video call or chat. Getting a first medical opinion has never been so simple.

Quiero Cuidarme Más App [I want to take better care of myself App]

Quiero Cuidarme app

It is a digital health platform that enables you to manage the most important aspects of your health: selfcare, 24-hour medical assistance, health diary, health file, coach, digital midwife and much more.

DKV health insurance app and Customer area

DKV medical directory app

We design customer-oriented digital solutions, offering all the functionalities required to complete any formalities in a quick and efficient way. Spend your time enjoying your health!

We'll call you
Shall we call you?
Your most comprehensive health insurance

Enter and calculate the price of your health insurance, with no strings attached


Waiting periods, copayments, modalities and documentation

Waiting periods

You can enjoy DKV Integral's provisions from day one. Only the following services have waiting periods:

  • Hospitalisation and surgical procedures (including prostheses): 6 months
  • Childbirth, except for premature deliveries: 8 months
  • Transplants: 12 months

Copayments and modalities

The copayment is an amount you have to pay when you use certain services.

Choose the type the suits you best, from:

  • With contribution: Complet, Plus, Classic
  • No contribution: Elite

Choose the best insurance

Other insurance you might be interested in

And how about you? How do you feel about these health benefits, where we really stand out?

8 of the 10 best private Spanish medical centres are included in your policy
We work with the best

You have access to 8 of the top 10 best private Spanish health centres. What are they? CUN, Universitario Quirón Madrid, Universitario HM Sanchinarro, Teknon, Universitario HM Montepríncipe, Ruber Juan Bravo, Ruber Internacional and Quirón salud Barcelona.

We will stay by your side anywhere in the world, with the highest limits on the market.
Worldwide travel assistance

You will be covered with the most expansive worldwide emergency assistance, with up to 180 days and €20,000! This also covers management expenses for loss of documents, early return or legal defence.

Market value


Already included in your policy

We include health care for traffic and work-related incidents.
Assistance for your accidents

Many companies can offer you optional or direct assistance in work-related and/or traffic incidents. With us, you have it covered and at no extra cost!

Market value


Already included in your policy

We will not raise the price of your insurance, no matter how much you use it.
We will not increase the price for usage

Can you imagine your health insurance company increasing the cost of your insurance due to how much you use it? It's quite common, but we will never do it.

The best doctors, clinics and hospitals at your disposal.
The best selection of doctors and hospitals

Clínica Unicersidad de Navarra (CUN*), Quirón, Ruber, Tecknon, etc. Without paying more for it! * Except for residents of Navarra. Included in individual and group reimbursement modalities. Medical directory groups through the Advance Network.

Market value


Already included in your policy

We seem to be the ones who care most about mental health; we are the company that covers most mental disorders.

You have access to 20 psychology sessions and 40 sessions for eating disorders, school bullying, cyberbullying, work-related stress and gender-related or family violence. Other companies only offer 40 sessions for eating disorders.