The most comprehensive dental insurance

  • More than 1,500 dentists at your disposal. 
  • A range of treatments included at no additional cost. 
  • Others with discounts of up to 40%  
  • Children under 14 years of age FREE
  • Take out your dental insurance online in just two clicks
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Our dental insurance is adapted to your needs


"I am looking for a treatment to improve the aesthetics of my teeth"


"I want my children to have a perfect smile, at the best price"


"I need dental cover in case of unforeseen events so that I can improve my dental health"

Protect your mouth with the prestige and quality of the European leader in health insurance
Cover and services

Would you like to find out about DKV Dentisalud Elite dental insurance?

We want to offer you the best dental health provisions, but above all we want to give you the best conditions. Dentisalud dental insurance offers you numerous care and treatment services, both to solve dental problems and to carry out prevention actions to keep your mouth healthy.

Why choose DKV?

Quality assistance

DKV offers you more than 1,500 selected clinics and dentists across Spain.

Consider the advantages:

59 FREE treatments and the rest with up to 40% discount.

Free for Children

Children under 14 years old when an adult takes out a policy.

Cover for serious dental accidents

If it affects more than three teeth, we will reimburse you for the treatment costs (maximum 6,000 EUR)

Easy to sign up

No health declaration form, no limits, and no age-based differences.


All dental specialities covered

General dentistry, paediatrics, orthodontic dentistry, surgical dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, implants, radiology, dental diagnosis, dental emergencies.

Dental aesthetic

From teeth whitening to veneer fitting

Orthodontic treatment

Treatments and application of mouth accessories.

Preventive dental care

Gel or fluoride applications, mouth cleaning, sealing and oral health education.

Furthermore, with DKV Health Spaces, you have the best dental care available very near to you.

Free treatments and others with discounts
Service (approx.) Normal price With DKV Dentisalud Elite
Annual check-up EUR 30 Included
Intrabuccal X-ray EUR 28 Included
Oral cleaning EUR51 Included
Fluoride treatment EUR 30 Included
Dental extractions EUR 30-60 Included
Extraction of wisdom teeth EUR 180 EUR 15
Orthopanthomography EUR45 Included
Major dental reconstruction EUR 80 EUR 35

Fissure sealants (per tooth). People over 15 years old

EUR 30 Included
Filling (with or without pulp capping) EUR 42-60 EUR 25
One canal endodontics EUR 84-170 68 EUR
Metal-porcelain crown or bridge (per tooth) EUR250 EUR188
Dental whitening with splints (per jaw). Any technique EUR 180 EUR 144
Titanium implant EUR 700 EUR 500
Orthodontic treatment: removable appliance per jaw EUR 800 EUR 200



 See dental service prices with DKV Dentisalud Élite


Shall we call you?
Shall we call you?
Dental hygiene for kids - free guide
Tips for taking care of your teeth and mouth

In this free guide you will find tips on dental hygiene for kids, advice on how to take care of your teeth and mouth and information on the different types of dental treatment available for children.

All the details on DKV Dentisalud Élite

Why DKV Dentisalud? Conditions, prices of services and documentation.

Why DKV Dentisalud?

  • The majority of dental expenses are not covered by social security and these treatments are usually expensive.
  • Annual preventive visits to the dentist are essential. If you do not do this, problems related to your oral health could be aggravated.
  • The demand for cosmetic dental treatments (which are expensive for the consumer) is increasing.
  • You will have access to our DKV Dental Spaces, our own dental centres with the latest technology, with the maximum guarantee regarding treatments, quality and solvency.

Conditions and prices of the services

  • No authorisations.
  • No limits to treatment.
  • There are no age limits for taking out the policy.
  • No health statement.
  • Numerous free dental treatments and others that are much cheaper than market rates.