DKV Top Health health insurance

Health insurance with 100% refund of medical expenses, your most comprehensive medical insurance

DKV Top Health

100% refund of medical and hospital invoices

  • Your most comprehensive health insurance
  • Dental service included

Freedom to choose

Choose the doctor you want.

We're involved

100% refund for medication and vaccinations.

Quick refunds

Committed to providing the reimbursement in less than 7 days.

Alternative therapies

Homeopathy, acupuncture and quiromassage.

Want to know more about Top Health refund insurance? My health, 100% covered across the world

The best of private medical insurance, without setting any limits or boundaries against your health. Insurance that gives you access to the best private medicine, with whatever is needed to take care of your health and quality of life, with unlimited access and expenses.

  • Primary care
  • Todas las especialidades y diagnósticos
  • Surgical procedures and hospitalisation
  • Sin copago por acto médico
  • Reembolso de gastos médicos en España y en el extranjero 100%
  • Reembolso del 100% de gastos de vacunas (neumococo, rotavirus y varicela)
  • 100% Reimbursement of pharmacy costs
  • Red de clínicas en EEUU
  • Unlimited transplants of all types
  • Prostheses, orthotics and implantology
  • Alternative therapies: Homeopathy, acupuncture, and massage
  • Spa after a stay in hospital
  • Dental service included
  • Assisted reproduction techniques
  • 24h medical helplines
  • Digital Doctor, la app que te permite llevar un médico en el bolsillo para realizar videoconsultas sobre tus síntomas en cualquier momento y desde cualquier lugar.
  • Colonoscopia virtual (3D) en servicios concertados.
  • Ecografía 3D/4D en el embarazo.
  • Ampliación del la cirugía mediante robot Da Vinci.
  • Cirugía de reducción del riesgo en cáncer de mama y ginecológico.
  • Reembolso gastos de mantenimiento en banco de las células madre del cordón umbilical.
  • Diagnóstico precoz de la diabetes.
  • Diagnóstico precoz del glaucoma.
  • You can take out a policy up to the age of 75
  • Disfrutarás de un 7.5% de descuento por pago anual
  • Discounts for families:
    • 7% if there are four insured parties.
    • 12% if there are five or more insured parties.
  • Compromiso de no anulación de póliza a partir del tercer año
  • All coverage can be used from the first day, except:
    • Hospitalisation and surgical procedures (including prostheses): 6 months
    • Childbirth (except for premature deliveries): 8 months
    • Transplants: 12 months

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Because we are a socially responsible company, committed to protecting the environment and supporting social causes and, with our insurance cover and services, we work to build a healthier world.

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