The health insurance policy for professionals and their families

  • Free and unlimited general consultations in the main medical specialities
  • Includes gynaecological check-up, with annual smear test
  • GP consultation without an appointment
  • Unlimited consultations by video call or chat with general practitioners and specialists via the app "Quiero cuidarme Más"
  • Physiotherapy service for the policyholder 
  • *Factuconta: online tool for managing your company accounts, available if you are self-employed
  • For only 33.50 euros/month per family, up to 8 members
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Take care of your health without taking time off work

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"I'm looking for affordable insurance that will allow me to see a GP online without taking time off work"

  • Unlimited medical consultations in Plus medical centres: general medicine, dermatology, gynaecology, etc.
  • Gynaecological check-up, with annual smear test
  • Dental cover included: with free services and others with interesting discounts.
  • Pay-per-use of services and tests.
  • *Factuconta tool: we help you with your company accounts. *Only available for self-employed workers 
  • Video consultation and chat with a doctor.
  • Option of seeing your GP without an appointment.

I need to take care of my family's heath without paying more."

  • Unlimited medical consultations in Plus medical centres: general medicine, nursing services, paediatrics...
  • Access to your GP without an appointment. 
  • Insure your entire family (up to 8 members).
  • Pay-per-use of medical services for the whole family.
  • Video consultation and chat with a doctor.
  • Medical helplines: psychology, nutrition, pregnancy, etc.

I am looking for an insurance policy that does not exclude professionals over 60 years of age and that can take into account my needs."

  • Unlimited medical consultations in Plus medical centres: GP, nursing services, ophthalmology, traumatology, etc.
  • No age limit.
  • Dental cover included.
  • Legal advice by telephone.
  • *Factuconta tool: we help you with your company accounts. *Available for self-employed workers
  • Option of seeing your GP without an appointment.
What does DKV Famedic Profesional offer?
Cover and services

The health insurance policy for professionals and their families

Basic medical assistance and well-being for all your family (up to 8 members). Free and unlimited consultations in the most demanded specialities: general medicine, nursing services, paediatrics, gynaecology, ophthalmology, dermatology and traumatology. 

You and your family can see your GP without making an appointment, so you don't have to take time off work. In addition, we also offer the policyholder a physiotherapy service.

Services included

Access to all the main specialities

Unlimited medical consultations in Plus medical centres in the following specialities: general practice, gynaecology, paediatrics, dermatology, traumatology, ophthalmology and nursing.

See your GP without an appointment

Option of going to a GP consultation with or without an appointment. 

Regular follow-up with a gynaecologist

We include a gynaecological check-up with an annual smear test so you can enjoy preventive control of your health.

Your doctor at the other end of the line

Online medical consultation, via the Quiero cuidarme más app, video call, chat, and symptom checker.

Telephone advice helplines

Medical advice helpline at any time and from anywhere. If you are worried about a symptom, call us and an agent on one of our 9 helplines will be happy attend to you: general medicine, psychology, nutrition, women's health, sports health, pregnancy, paediatrics, childhood obesity and tropical medicine.

We take care of your smile

47 dental services included and others with large discounts: Consultations, check-ups, intraoral x-rays, fluoridation, dressings, studies...

Reimbursement in cases of serious dental injuries

Reimbursement of medical costs in the event of serious dental injuries up to EUR 6,000. 

Physiotherapy sessions

20 physiotherapy sessions per year for the policyholder.

Plus medical services

Access to medical speciality consultations, diagnostic tests and treatments in consultations at lower prices in DKV Famedic Salud y Bienestar

Premium additional services

Preventive health, cosmetics, wellness, nutrition and sport, assisted reproduction, psychology, optician's and orthopaedics, at lower prices.

Legal advice helpline

Handled by a specialist lawyer, to inform you of the extent of your rights in matters related to your individual or family life. 

Company accounts service

If you are a self-employed worker, free access to an Ultimate Factuconta plan, a cloud-based billing, accounting and tax tool offered by Contasimple. 

Legal advice

Legal advice service by phone, provided by a company specialised in legal defence. 

Consider the advantages:

Your whole family, for the same price

Access to the best specialists and medical centres with a single price for your family of up to 8 members. And also, the general medicine speciality without an appointment, for a quick diagnosis.

Easy access to private medicine

No waiting periods or no statement of health required, you will be able to access the most requested medical specialists.

Savings in main health services

Pay only for the services you use. You will find more than 1,000 health services available at reduced rates, compared to others on the market. You will be able to book the service you wish to use, reserve in seconds and then use it. You will only pay once you have used it.

No age limit

An insurance policy designed for all ages without restrictions or age limits.

Supporting your work activity

If you are a self-employed worker, your policy will include a cloud-based invoicing and accounts management service, allowing you to manage your company accounts easily and conveniently. This service will only be available to self-employed policyholders.

Dental cover

More than 2,000 dentists available, providing the 47 dental treatments covered by your health insurance

See the 47 dental treatments included and the discounted price of the rest of services

Service (approx.) Normal price With DKV Famedic Plus
Annual check-up EUR 30 Included
Intrabuccal X-ray EUR 28 Included
Oral cleaning EUR51 EUR 12
Fluoride treatment EUR 30 Included
Dental extractions EUR 30-60 EUR 13
Extraction of wisdom teeth EUR 180 EUR 30
Orthopanthomography EUR45 EUR 10
Major dental reconstruction EUR 80 EUR 50

Fissure sealants 

EUR 30 EUR 17
Filling (with or without pulp capping) EUR 42-60 EUR 35
One canal endodontics EUR 84-170 EUR 77
Metal-porcelain crown or bridge (per tooth) EUR250 EUR 210
Dental whitening with splints (per jaw). Any technique EUR 180 EUR 150
Titanium implant EUR 700 EUR 650
Orthodontic treatment: removable appliance per jaw EUR 800 EUR 288


 See dental services prices with DKV Famedic Profesional


Digital health

We work to make your life easier

You can use DKV Famedic Profesional even without leaving home or work. As being self-employed or a professional means you are always busy, it's often hard to find the time to attend to other tasks, such as managing your accounts or going to the doctor.  

Contasimple App


Free access to an Ultimate Factuconta plan if you are self-employed.A cloud-based billing, accounting and tax tool, designed specifically for users without experience in accounting, and offered by Contasimple

Digital Card App


You will receive a digital card so you won't have to carry around more cards than you need. You and your family can identify yourselves as insured persons from your cell phone and validate the consultation with the medical professional. 

Quiero Cuidarme Más app

Quiero Cuidarme Más app

It is a digital health platform that enables you to manage the most important aspects of your health: you will receive private and confidential medical advice by means of virtual medical consultations via phone, video call or chat, and you can also check your symptoms and receive a diagnosis. In addition to enjoying self-care plans, 24-hour medical assistance, health diary and health folder.

Shall we call you?
Study on the health of self-employed workers
Study on the health and wellbeing of self-employed workers in Spain

The busy lifestyles of self-employed workers often makes it hard to get an accurate idea of the state of their health. See the results of this study drawn up in collaboration with the ATA.


Terms and conditions, coverage and documentation

Business accounts

The Factuconta tool offers self-employed workers a wide range of features:

  • Invoicing: create, customise and sign your invoices, delivery notes and quotes.
  • Full support in a typical sales process: quote → delivery note → invoice 
  • Customers and suppliers: business accounting.
  • Preparation and filing of taxes.
  • Treasury: collection and payment management.
  • Digital signature.
  • Data export to Excel and management of scoreboards and reports: manage your income, expenses and taxes quickly and efficiently.

Free specialist consultations at Plus medical centres

Free and unlimited access to consultations in the following specialities for all insured persons:

  • Gynaecology (includes an annual smear test)
  • Paediatrics.
  • Dermatology and venereology.
  • Traumatology.
  • Ophthalmology. 
  • Nursing services.
  • GP with or without appointment.
  • Physiotherapy: 20 sessions per year for the policyholder.

Take advantage of the exclusive rates for other medical specialities, diagnostic tests, and complementary well-being services. View your medical directory here.