DKV Renta Baremado work leave insurance

Allowance insurance for freelancers with compensation from the start of leave

DKV Renta Baremado

No effect on your financial situation

  • You'll quickly receive compensation according to a scale.
  • Additional medical services.


Immediate compensation

We pay you compensation immediately, as soon as you're on leave.

Our coverage sets us apart

The most comprehensive care for you and your family.

We look after you

Medical services at special prices.

Tax advantages

For freelancers working under the Direct Estimate method.

With DKV Renta Baremado work leave insurance you receive an economic provision to bolster your finances

An illness or accident can force you to take a work leave, which entails less income and more expenses. Thanks to this insurance, your economy will not be affected in the event of work leave, as each accident or pathology has assigned an amount (scale).

It offers a wide selection of management options: if you're facing a period of leave, we pay compensation immediately, before you're discharged, without monitoring the illness and without taking into account actual recovery time.

This insurance also allows you to:

  • Take out optional coverage for short-term disability that exceeds the time periods established in the scale.
  • Receive medical assistance expenses deriving from an accident covered by the policy.
  • Receive an allowance for every day you're in hospital.
  • Receive a capital amount in cases of permanent or total disability.
  • Receive an insured amount of capital in the event of a surgical procedure.

We not only offer you the most extensive coverage on the market, but also cover common illnesses that other companies don't include in similar policies, in areas as important as:

  • Digestive
  • Ophthalmology
  • Osteomuscular
  • Otolaryngology
  • Respiratory
  • Urology
  • Sprains and luxations
  • Wounds and trauma
  • Income with 90 day excess period: You can take out this cover to feel completely safe in cases of long temporary disability: If you're off work for longer than the scale covers, DKV will continue to pay you until you are discharged.
  • Treatments and services at special prices.
    If you're a DKV Seguros customer, you'll get special financial benefits for:
    • 24-Hour DKV Doctor (free)
    • Refractive laser surgery: short sightedness, long sightedness, and astigmatism).
    • Assisted reproduction programme.
    • Quit smoking programme.
    • Second medical opinion in the event of a severe illness.
  • Subscription: For temporary incapacity to work, medical assistance, total and permanent disability: it can be taken out by those between the ages of 16 and 65 who are in work.
  • Medical requirements: Health declaration signed by the insured so that possible preexisting conditions can be assessed. To receive compensation for inability to work: Sick leave certificate or accident report within 7 days
  • Duration: Except for cover for permanent total disability, which finishes when the insured person reaches the age of 65, the policy terminates at the age of 70

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