DKV Profesional health insurance

Seguro de salud personalizado al que puedes añadir renta, decesos y/o accidentes

DKV Profesional

A flexible insurance that allows you to choose the cover you need

  • Customised healthcare
  • Health, Income, Accidents and Funerals

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Network of doctors and clinics

With more than 24,000 professionals and 1,000 medical centres.

Preventive medicine

Free and remote preventive plans..

24-hour medical lines

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Want to find out more about the DKV Profesional customised product? I'm no longer worried about unforeseen events

A modular insurance with the widest range of coverage and services. With this insurance, you can combine all your insurance policies (health, income and/or funeral insurance) in a single bill and at special rates.

  • If you're freelance: contracting the Health module (the others are optional and you can combine them as you like)
  • If you're not freelance: contracting two compulsory modules chosen from Health, Income, Accident and Funeral.

Many possible combinations, so that you can enjoy an insurance tailor-made for you.

Choose the sub-modules to suit you

Module A: Primary care

Module B: Specialists

Module C: Hospitalisation

All health modules include:

  • Worldwide assistance in an emergency: medical, hospitalisation, surgery, pharmacy, ambulance and medical repatriation expenses, and much more coverage. With the highest limits!
  • Dental service included.
  • The widest range of medical helplines: helplines for paediatric health, women's health, sports, nutrition, mental health.
  • Complementary services: free or discounted access to a wide range of services.
  • Income module: Recibe una indemnización por cada día que estés de baja por enfermedad o accidente (hasta 365 días).
  • Accident module En caso de accidente, tendréis asegurado el pago de una indemnización para cubrir los imprevistos que puedan surgir.
  • Funeral module: In the event of death, you are also guaranteed payment of compensation to cover funeral services.
  • You can take out a policy up to the age of 75
  • If you pay annually you'll received a 7.5% discount
  • Discounts for families:
    • 7% if there are four insured parties.
    • 12% if there are five or more insured parties.
  • Non-cancellation of policy pledge from the third year
  • All coverage can be used from the first day, except:
    • Hospitalisation and surgical procedures (including prostheses): 6 months
    • Childbirth (except for premature deliveries): 8 months
    • Transplants: 12 months

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Because we're a responsible company we work hard to take care of our society's health with our insurance and services, helping conserve the environment and supporting social causes.

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