Health insurance for SMEs

Health insurance for companies with between 3 and 50 employees, DKV Pymes

DKV Pymes

I like taking care of my team's health

  • Increase your company's competitiveness
  • Discover why it's a profitable investment.

Create loyalty and motivation

For all staff: it's the social benefit employees value most

Reduction in workplace absenteeism.

Access to private healthcare, without waiting lists

Preventive health schemes

In the workplace for all employees

Online procedures

Reduces travel and/or absences from work

Did you know that it is more profitable to take out a health insurance policy for your employees than to increase their salaries by the equivalent amount?

At DKV Seguros with DKV PYMES health insurance we help you to find the solution that best suits the needs of your company or SME.

Helps increase your company's competitiveness

  • Reduction in workplace absenteeism. Access to private healthcare, without waiting lists: leave is managed right from the start.
  • Create loyalty and motivation in staff: it's the social benefit employees value most, and it can be extended to cover immediate family.
  • Reduce displacement/absence from work (comprehensive telemedicine services, medical consultations via videoconference, etc.).
  • Prevention and health promotion programmes in the workplace for all employees, to reduce the risk of future health problems and improve the health of the company's main asset.
  • It improves your company image, strengthening your internal CSR policy.
  • Option of coordination/collaboration with the company's medical service.
  • Flexible products that adapt to all business needs. From top coverage for managerial levels to medical directory or dental insurance.

We adjust our products to your health needs

  • DKV Integral Classic/Elite
    Health insurance: extensive medical directory with qualified specialists and hospitals.
  • DKV Mundisalud Classic
    Refund insurance: associated medical directory and 80% or 90% refund* depending on whether care is received in Spain or abroad.
  • DKV Modular Especialistas
    All specialities: diagnostic procedures and treatments undertaken in the clinic.

What advantages does DKV offer your SME?

  • Special prices. From three insured persons. Now you can take out the best health insurance for your SME.
  • Advantageous contracting terms and conditions: without grace periods for all workers (except for childbirth).
  • No contribution for visits. No types of surcharge on the premium offered.
  • Dental service included in the premium.
  • Applied to immediate family (spouse and children) under the same conditions.
  • You'll belong to Europe's leading health insurance company.

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Because we are a socially responsible company, committed to protecting the environment and supporting social causes and, with our insurance cover and services, we work to build a healthier world.

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