DKV Renta work leave insurance

Work leave insurance for freelancers

DKV Renta

When I'm on leave, I can count on DKV

  • Provision for temporary disability due to illness and/or accident.
  • Provisions for childbirth

In the event of work leave

Get financial benefits set by you.

Tax advantages

For freelancers working under the Direct Estimate method.

Diagnostic tests

If you wait longer than 30 days, DKV will expedite the process.

We look after you

Medical services at special prices.

Want to know more about DKV Renta insurance? When I'm on leave, I can count on DKV

DKV Renta insurance is a policy providing cover for disruptions to your work or professional activities in the event of work or professional leave, to compensate for reduced income from Social Security and (if contracted), further compensation in the event of hospitalisation for any reason.

  • Daily compensation for temporary disability due to illness and/or accident.
  • Including provisions for childbirth.
  • Compensation for hospitalisation due to illness and/or accident: for every day you're hospitalised (from 24 hours to 365 days).
  • Tax benefits Deduction of up to €500 in personal income tax for freelancers using the Direct Estimate method.
  • Surgical procedures.
  • Permanent Total Disability.
  • Medical care following an accident.
  • Subscription: Available for people between the ages of 16 and 65 who are in work.
  • Medical requirements: Signed health declaration so that potential preexisting conditions can be assessed. To receive compensation for inability to work: Social Security certificates for commencement and termination of sick leave (Advances may be given).
  • Duration: Except for cover for permanent total disability, which finishes when the insured person reaches the age of 65, the policy terminates at the age of 70
  • Excesses: You can take out coverage with excesses of 3, 7, 10, 15 or 30 days

What's more, as experts in health insurance, you'll enjoy medical services when you're registered:

  • 24-Hour DKV Doctor (free)
  • Annual medical checkup.
  • Refractive laser surgery: short sightedness, long sightedness, and astigmatism).
  • Assisted reproduction programme.
  • Second medical opinion in the event of a severe illness.

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