With the services of the DKV Health and Wellbeing Club

will help you to lead a more healthy life

DKV Health and Well-being Club offers you all kinds of health services at very competitive prices.

Select the service you want and DKV Health and Well-being Club it will suggest the best centres and doctors in this speciality.

Because we work to create a healthier world.


  • No prepayment.
  • Pay directly at the centre or with discount coupons.
  • Centres selected with stringent medical criteria.
  • Wide variety of specialties.

Maternity and paternity

Fertility and assisted reproduction

If you're dreaming of starting a family, DKV makes it easy.

Stem cell storage

Through our BioCord provider.

Pregnancy health line

If you have questions about your pregnancy, don't worry: we're at your side!


Refractive surgery laser

Eliminates or improves refractive eye defects.

Long-sighted surgery

Using laser or lens implantation.

Discounts in optical products

You'll have access to a network of optical centres with discounts.

Beauty and well-being

Medicine and plastic surgery

Surgical and non-invasive treatments.


Discounts on medical springs and urban spas.


Special prices on network-affiliated orthopaedics


Gait analysis

It includes discounts on insoles and follow-up.

Sports health line

Play sport safely: talk with your sports doctor.


Predictive genetic studies

Find out your risk of developing a disease.

Quit smoking

Special prices for programmes to quit smoking.

Medical phone lines

Health concern? Call, and a doctor will respond to your questions.


Nutritional health line

Advice on the type of diet you need.

Childhood Obesity health line

We offer recommendations to prevent or treat excessive weight in children.