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Customer service line for emergencies.


Medical directory search engine

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80% cost reimbursement abroad

Medical assistance abroad for serious childhood illnesses.

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24-h DKV doctor and specialised medical helplines

Paediatric, pregnancy, psycho-emotional, etc.

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Telemedicine service

Virtual consultations with specialists, among many more features

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Come to DKV and enjoy a first-class service

Any Muface mutual society member may change entity in January or June of each year. Discover the benefits provided by a private healthcare insurance.

We know how to take care of you. We have been more than 40 years taking care of the health of the Civil Servants of MUFACE

In addition to the coverage provided by the consortium, with DKV Seguros you will enjoy:

  • Close to 200,000 mutual society members trust in us.
  • The DKV Group is part of ERGO, one of the major insurance groups in Europe, and it operates in 30 countries. ERGO is part of Munich Re, one of the leading reinsurers and risk carriers worldwide.
  • The only insurance company that offers its mutual society customers 9 of the 15 best private hospitals in the country, according to MERCO's 2019 Healthcare Reputation Ranking.
  • Wherever you are, with Quiero Cuidarme Más, ask specialists via chat, call or video call.
  • For any health query, call the DKV 24-hour Medical Line for quick and reassuring medical advice every day of the year.
  • Carry out all the procedures related to your policy without leaving your home through the Customer area: Make queries about the general terms and conditions, make a card duplicate, check bills, change the policy...
  • All-inclusive care at our multidisciplinary network-affiliated centres, for your convenience and a swift healthcare process.
  • We are the insurance company responsible for the healthcare of mutual society members abroad.
  • Swiftness. The average waiting time* in the Spanish Health Service for a surgical procedure is 121 days and for a specialist 88. Enjoy with DKV quick access to any specialist and diagnostic test.
  • Time saving. You do not need to go to your family doctor to ask for an appointment with a specialist doctor.
  • Better care. Allows each person to choose the time that best suits them, without waiting lists
  • Choice. Possibility of choosing the physician within the DKV affiliated network.
  • Quality. Broad medical directory with renowned private clinics.
  • Digital health. Health insurance that you can use, even without having to go to the doctor. People tend to think that health insurance is only useful for going to see the doctor. But nowadays, with our increasingly hectic lifestyles, it is not always easy to find time to go to a consultation.
  • Innovation. We are revolutionising healthcare from the mobile phone and transforming the traditional healthcare model thanks to the introduction of digitised services. As a result, we are providing the personal care that every insured person requires.
  • Online administrative procedures. Authorisations, appointment requests for certain tests, etc.

*Source: Spanish Health Service's Information System for Waiting Lists. December 2019

  • Online procedures from the customer area:
    • 75% of the medical tests can be requested online
    • Access to the medical directory
    • Ask for an appointment online
    • Usual procedures for your health insurance
    • Submit complaints, suggestions or claims
    • Evaluate the medical service
    • Manage the reimbursement of bills, if a holder of a reimbursement policy
  • DKV Health spaces
    • Medical centres with the maximum guarantees of treatment, quality and solvency.
    • Professionals of recognised standing
    • See the different specialties in your reference centre, we are very close to you.
  • Your health and your family's health cannot wait. That is why DKV offers customised solutions at very favourable conditions.
    • For your family: DKV Integral family members' special and DKV Mundisalud family members' special
    • For you: DKV Dentisalud, DKV Mundisalud Classic Complement, DKV Renta Hospitalización, DKV Protección familiar
  • DKV Health and Wellbeing Club offers all kinds of health services at very competitive prices. 
    • Centres selected with stringent medical criteria
    • No prepayment
    • Pay directly at the centre or with vouchers
  • Primary or specialised care.
  • Home care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Emergency medical care. 24 hours a day, every day of the year.
  • Healthcare on a hospitalisation basis.
    • Day hospitalisation
    • Domiciliary hospitalisation
    • Psychiatric hospitalisation
  • Preventive programmes
  • Palliative care.
  • Mental health.
  • Rehabilitation.
  • Oral health.
  • Healthcare transport: urgent and non-urgent.
  • Hospital use medications.
  • Plastic and restorative surgery. When it is related to an accident, illness or congenital malformation.
  • Infertility diagnosis and treatment, within the established limits.
  • 24-hour medical line for mutual society members.
    • Exclusive free 24-hour helpline, every day of the year.
    • Managed by a team of more than 85 physicians specialising in General and Family Medicine.
    • How does it work? Call 900 300 799. A manager will ask for your full name and Medicard no, your exact location and a contact telephone number. Your call will then be transferred to the DKV medical team

Quiero Cuidarme +

  • Available through the website and in app format, with free access to all the digital health services:
  • Medical Directory: In addition to consultations, you can request an online appointment at multiple affiliated medical centres.
  • Virtual enquiry: includes symptom checker and consultations via chat, telephone or video consultations including general medicine. You can also enjoy video consultations under prior appointment with specialists in paediatrics, dermatology, gynaecology, endocrinology and many more.
  • Digital card integrated into your mobile phone through Quiero cuidarme Más.
  • Health folder: Safely receive and store your medical reports, results and other health documents. You will also be receive requests for analytical and imaging tests.
  • Coach: to implement lifestyle changes, such as quitting smoking, losing weight or increasing physical activity, among others. 
  • Digital midwife: to resolve any queries about the care of the newborn, breastfeeding and physical and emotional recovery after childbirth. 
  • Many other features such as My diary or access to the DKV Health and Wellbeing Club.

Healthcare abroad in the event of a serious illness

We provide healthcare for your child abroad in the event of a serious illness. We reimburse 80% of the expenses, with a limit of €24,000 for medical or surgical treatment with hospitalisation.


The 24-Hour DKV Physician will assist you quickly, facilitating the early detection of illnesses, resolving your queries and avoiding unnecessary travel. In addition, enjoy the widest range of specialised medical lines on the market: Medical lines for paediatrics, childhood obesity, nutrition, pregnancy, conditions affecting women, tropical medicine and sports medicine.

If you are a Muface and/or Mugeju civil servant, during the ordinary change period in the months of January and June. You and your beneficiaries will be free to change insurer.

You may complete an extraordinary change outside of the specified period in the following cases: change of address for the mutual insurance policyholder with relocation to another province or, within the same area, an address change to another province.

Steps to carry out the change:

  • Postal delivery:
    • Download here el formulario de cambio de entidad
    • Indicate DKV Seguros in the box "Insurer you wish to subscribe to"
    • Send the completed form accompanied by your original Membership Document
  • On the internet:
    • To perform the change via the Internet, you must use the access mechanisms provided by the platform Cl@ve (digital certificate, Electronic ID Card, permanent passwords and PIN). You must also have the specific software installed on your computer.
    • Access the Muface's e-Office which you can use to start the ordinary change process. Select the option "Ordinary change of health provider" and follow the steps to complete and send the Ordinary Change Form.

In addition, you can do so by going to Muface Offices, or at any of the registries listed in Article 16 of Act 39/2015 of 1 October, regarding the Common Administrative Procedure of Public Administrations. To change mutual society, the member must present, together with their application, their Membership Document or, where applicable, an adapted Membership Document.

Contact your DKV office to help you change your insurance company.

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Muface International exclusive with DKV

DKV Seguros is the only insurance company that provides healthcare to mutual society members and their beneficiaries destined and residing abroad through the agreement of healthcare abroad. This agreement is subscribed exclusively with DKV, which stems from the principle of healthcare coverage for those protected in any part of the world, including Spain.

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