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80% cost reimbursement abroad

Medical assistance abroad for serious childhood illnesses.

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Digital Health

We promote the digitisation of our products and services.

Come to DKV and enjoy a first-class service

Any Muface mutual society member may change entity in January or June of each year. Discover the benefits provided by a private healthcare insurance.

We know how to take care of you. We have been nearly 40 years taking care of the health of the Civil Servants of MUFACE:

  • More than 200,000 mutual society members trust in us.
  • The soundness of one of the major insurance groups in Europe
  • Only insurance company that has seven of the ten best private hospitals in the country.
  • All-inclusive care at our multidisciplinary network-affiliated centres.
  • Highest indicator of the sector with respect to the loyalty of clients based on its recommendation level.

In addition to the coverage provided by the consortium, with DKV Seguros you will enjoy:

  • Digital health: Digital Doctor App, Online appointment service, Health folder and DKV Lab...
  • Healthcare abroad for your child in the event of a serious illness. 80% cost reimbursement.
  • 24-hour DKV doctor and medical lines.
  • Discounts in DKV Health and Well-being Club.
  • DKV Health Spaces
  • A huge range of offers with excellent conditions so you can take care of yourself, and your family:
    • For your family: DKV Integral family members' special and DKV Mundisalud family members' special
    • For you: DKV Dentisalud, DKV Mundisalud Classic Complement, DKV Renta Hospitalización, DKV Protección familiar
  • Quick access to any specialist and diagnostic test.
  • You do not need to go to your family doctor to ask for an appointment with a specialist doctor.
  • Allows each person to choose the time that best suits them, without waiting lists.
  • Possibility of choosing the practitioner within the DKV affiliated network.
  • Broad medical directory with renowned private clinics.
  • Online proceedings (authorisations, appointment requests for certain tests, etc.).
  • Commitment to the digitisation of services and products, taking care of your health through a mobile phone.
  • Primary or specialised care
  • Home care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Emergency medical care
  • Healthcare on a hospitalisation basis
  • Cross-border healthcare in the European Union member states
  • Preventive programmes
  • Palliative care
  • Clinical diagnosis and monitoring of mental disorders
  • Rehabilitation: diagnosis, evaluation, prevention and treatment
  • Oral health
  • Healthcare transport
  • Hospitable use medications
  • Plastic and reconstructive surgery
  • Diagnostics and treatment of infertility
  • 24-hour medical line for mutual society members
  • Colorectal cancer prevention programme

If you are a Muface and/or Mugeju civil servant, during the ordinary change period in the months of January and June. You and your beneficiaries can change entity.

You may complete an extraordinary change outside of the specified period in the following cases: when the mutual society member changes destination including a transfer to another province or, when maintaining the destination, he changes his residence to another province.

Steps to carry out the change:

  • By post or in person:
  • On the internet:
    • Using the means of access provided by the Cl@ve platform (digital certificate, ELECTRONIC ID CARD, permanent passwords and PIN).
    • Through the Muface's e-Office you can make ordinary changes. Select the option "Ordinary change of healthcare entity" and follows the steps and send the Ordinary Change Form.

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Muface International exclusive with DKV

DKV Seguros is the only insurance company that provides healthcare to mutual society members and their beneficiaries destined and residing abroad through the agreement of healthcare abroad. This agreement is subscribed exclusively with DKV, which stems from the principle of healthcare coverage for those protected in any part of the world, including Spain.

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