Doctors and centres

Below we detail all the options we have to offer to take care of your health

Online medical consultation

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Guaranteeing the security and privacy your health information.


Medical helpline

24-hour remote medical advice

If you are worried about any health symptoms, you can get advice by calling the Médico DKV 24h helpline wherever you are. Find out which Medical Helplines you can call.

DKV Healthcare Centres

There is always one nearby whether you are a DKV policyholder or not

You will be seen by top professionals at our DKV Healthcare Centres who will provide individualised treatment using high-quality equipment and the latest technology.


Private doctors and medical centres

The most complete medical directory in the country

With DKV Seguros, you can choose from the best range of specialists and medical centres. We offer you the best because we want you to take good care of yourself.