24-Hour DKV Physician, your medical helpline

Receive advice on your health anytime, anywhere

976 991 199
Do you have a symptom that worries you? Phone the Médico DKV 24h helpline and we will help you to assess how important it is and the best course of action to take.


  • If in doubt, call!
  • For questions about medications.
  • Or to understand the results of some tests.

Medical phone lines 

24-Hour DKV Physician

If you have any symptoms or concerns, before you go to the doctor, call.

Paediatric medical line

24-hour special service to respond to your children's health.

Women's health line

Get answers to your gynaecological concerns. Woman to woman, and in complete privacy.

Pregnancy health line

If you have questions about your pregnancy, don't worry: we're at your side!

Tropical health line

Travel with peace of mind; call before departing.

Nutritional health line

Advice on the type of diet you need.

Childhood Obesity Health Line

We offer recommendations to prevent or treat overweight in children.

Sports health line

Play sport safely: talk with your sports doctor.

Psycho-emotional support

 976 991 197 

Your 24-hour report

We coordinate the advice from your doctor and from your 24-hour doctor.

Proof of consultation/rest

You don't have to go anywhere to get proof.

Second opinion

Second medical opinion for serious illness

Feel sure that you're receiving the best possible treatment.

Second bioethical opinion

Don't feel alone; get advice from experts on ethical issues.