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The latest news on health care and prevention

Can you be addicted to physical exercise?

When we think about exercise or physical activity, immediately a positive and healthy idea comes to our mind. But the truth is that, although it may seem paradoxical, when we talk about this

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Loneliness and social networks

The emergence of social networks enabled us to be globally connected and gain thousands of 'friends'. On the other hand, and although it may seem counterproductive, these social networks are

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Importance of skin-to-skin contact in postpartum

The first hours after giving birth are very important. Childbirth is very stressful for the newborn, and many changes take place successively in the baby's body.

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DKV Health insurance

DKV wants you to take care of your health. That is why our health insurance gives you what you need: a comprehensive medical directory so that you can choose the most appropriate specialist for you, clinics and hospitals close to you, dental insurance with big discounts and free for young ones, among many other coverages. We offer you all the advantages of private healthcare to ensure you have piece of mind with insurance such as DKV Integral.

And as well as all the medical insurance coverage we give you, we have lots of other services to look after your and your family's health, like our prevention plans, and the Quiero Cuidarme blog with information on healthy habits. Because DKV Seguros offers the support and resources you need to prevent disease, through our wide network of offices and consultancies employing over 2,000 people.

And, as always, we want to make things easier, as well as being specialised in heath insurance, we provide other services such as medical telephone helplines, making it easy for you to call with queries, and our Health and Wellbeing Club, which gives you a range of benefits such as discounts on plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine, spas, gyms, etc. Because we like you to take care of your health and we want to help you.

DKV Seguros is a company with a commitment to people and society. We work to make a healthier world aimed at sustainable development. Another reason that makes us, as a company offering health insurance policies, we are positioned among the highest rankings of insurers in Spain, and have the support of one of the most reputable international insurance groups, Munich Re.