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Discover all the advantages of belonging to DKV, its catalogue of doctors and its offers for civil servants.

  • The guarantee of one of Europe's major insurance groups, with a presence in 30 countries.
  • Close to 200,000 mutual society members have chosen us.
  • We provide healthcare for your child abroad in the event of a serious illness. We reimburse 80% of the expenses, with a limit of €24,000.
  • All-inclusive care at our multidisciplinary network-affiliated centres, for convenient and swift healthcare management
  • Access to DKV Health Spaces, our prestigious network of medical centres and dental clinics
  • Special Offers for you and your family
  • Discounts on additional healthcare and wellness services in DKV Health and Wellbeing Club

If you are a MUGEJU civil servant, during the ordinary switch period in the month of January, you and your beneficiaries can switch your insurance company.

You may complete an extraordinary change outside of the specified period in the following cases: change of address for the mutual insurance policyholder with relocation to another province or, within the same area, an address change to another province. Also, when the Mutual Society agrees to open a special switch period.

Follow these steps:

  1. By post or in person.
    • Download the Switch of Insurer form here
    • Indicate DKV Seguros in the box "INSURER YOU WISH TO SUBSCRIBE TO"
    • Present or submit the filled in form to the provincial service or the closest Muface branch, accompanied by your original Affiliation Document .
  2. Switch online
    • or To switch insurer online, you must use the means of access provided by the Cl@ve platform (digital certificate, Electronic ID Card, permanent passwords and PIN). You must also have the specific software installed on your computer.
    • or Log in to the Muface E-office, where you can start the ordinary switch procedure. Select the option "Ordinary change of health provider" and follow the steps to complete and send the Ordinary Change Form.

Contact your DKV office to help you change your insurance company.

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