DKV Clear Language Programme

An initiative that seeks to make insurance language simpler and more comprehensible

The determination and commitment to communicate clearly are a central principle of our corporate philosophy.


Easy and clear insurance

At DKV Seguros we do not like small print, and when you need an insurance policy you want to understand everything clearly. The lack of transparency produces distrust and, without trust, there cannot be a satisfactory insured/insurer relationship.

DKV Habla Claro intends to be a point of reference in regard to transparency and clarity in the insurance sector. And it intends to do this in a simple and pleasant way. Also in the form of interactive dialogue, person to person, and for this reason the website offers numerous opportunities for you to contribute your opinion, comments, evaluations, questions, contents, etc.

DKV Habla Claro is a tool placed at your service to help you better understand insurance policies, to clarify concepts and procedures and to settle your doubts. It also intends to make the act of contracting your insurance policy an easy and pleasant process.

If some detail is not clear enough for you, do not hesitate in get in touch with us: all of us who work in the company have the aim of making the world of insurance easy and clear for you. We encourage you to enter the world of insurance without fear.

We want DKV Habla Claro to be your best ally to this purpose.