DKV signs the Ethical Insurance Pact Manifesto together with 13 of the country's other insurers

Jordi Rubio, who heads up the exclusive network of DKV's mediation channel, represented the company at this landmark event. The document consists of nine commitments insurance companies should adopt in their day to day operations and relations with different stakeholders

The signing took place in the Clara Campoamor room at the Congreso de los Diputados (lower house in the Spanish Parliament) and was part of the 2nd parliamentary insurance meeting. The manifesto was signed by managers of member companies of the Centro de Negocio del Seguro (CNS - Insurance Business Centre). Members signing included Axa, Arag, Allianz, Fidelidade, Fiatc, Mutua de propietarios, Generali, Zurich, Negocio Reale, Plus Ultra, Catalana Occidente and Liberty Seguros.

Of the nine commitments included in the Ethical Insurance Pact highlights include improving language used with customers, always giving a response, brokers and companies working together to implement coherent, honest, and responsible marketing activities, and making sure commercial interests do not go against the rights of policy holders.

Three years of hard work José María Campabadal, President of the General Council of the Associations of Insurance Brokers (Colegios de Mediadores del Seguro) recalled how the initiative was put into action three years ago when the CNS was set up. At that point, the objectives were to create new collaborative spaces for insurers and encourage mediation through a new language, but soon it became clear that this didn't go far enough. "To be able to achieve all this, we need commitment. From there came the idea to work on an Ethical Insurance Pact. We hope this document goes beyond the rules of the game. We want it to be a commitment between parties, and in mediation between insurance companies, customers, and political elements. We're not trying to colonise society, but find a way in slowly, so that we all understand that insurance is something that's very important for our society", said Campabadal.

The 2nd parliamentary insurance meeting was also the setting for the award of medals of merit to the General Council. The award winners were Gabriel Abraham, Adolfo de Pascual and Ángel Díez.