Bosque DKV was awarded ISO 14064-2 certification, for offsetting emissions

The project, in the town of Zuera, has been awarded the certification which guarantees that greenhouse gas emissions offsetting carried out on the land has been done rigorously. In February DKV Group volunteers took part in the project on this plot of land, replanting native species in a planting session.

The project covered a total of twenty hectares of land which was a vegetable nursery until it stopped being used in 2009. Of the total area 9.97 hectares were replanted with native riverbank vegetation. The land, on the banks of the river Gallego, has been handed over by the Government of Aragon. ECODES and the Global Nature Foundation are promoting a replanting project for voluntary carbon offsetting for Spanish companies following international Voluntary Carbon Market guidelines.

The area covered by the project was validated by reviewing documents, interviews and field visits. The area in question is located some ten kilometres to the north of the centre of Zuera, and one hundred and fifty metres from the right edge of the river Gallego.

A study carried out by the Global Nature Foundation estimates that the planting would absorb an average equivalent to 25-28 tons of CO2 per hectare per year, equating to 143-160 tons of CO2 per year in the total planted area.

According to our estimate, the plantation will absorb an average 12 tons of CO2 per hectare per year for the first thirty years following planting, which is equivalent to 119 tons of CO2 a year for the total planted area. The three hundred trees planted by DKV volunteers in recent years make up the largest plantation the company has supported, to offset between 5% and 10% of the emissions the company generates.

The rest of DKV's carbon footprint is offset through its support of a conservation project in the Peruvian Amazon. The reforestation of this section of the riverbank has a dual purpose: on the one hand to tackle climate change by absorbing CO2 emissions, and on the other to improve the area in ecological terms, taking into account its location within the LIC Bajo Gállego Natura 2000 Network Area.

The reforestation project has been promoted by ECODES, a company DKV Seguros has collaborated with on various environmental initiatives over the years. The Global Nature Foundation - an organisation expert in habitat recovery - has also taken part in the project. Support from DKV Seguros - who have funded the project - has been essential and it's hoped that the project will become a benchmark in Spain for voluntary offsetting the carbon footprints of organisations, companies, and individuals who want to do so with the level of rigour required by international standards.

The trees planted by DKV volunteers will absorb about 60 tons of CO2, which is equivalent to the annual emissions from twelve Spanish families or to thirty return trips between Madrid and New York.