DKV, in the Merco top 20 ranking for companies with business responsibility and corporate governance

It is the 3rd highest ranking insurance company and 18th out of 100 other companies with a good reputation in business responsibility in Spain

The Corporate Reputation Business Monitor (Merco) analyses the companies with the best ethical practices in 2017 through the Merco Responsibility and Corporate Governance Ranking.

DKV Seguros has been ranked 18th in the 2017 Merco Responsibility and Corporate Governance Ranking which was published yesterday. This ranking analyses the companies with the best practices in social responsibility and good corporate governance in Spain.

Despite falling one place in the general classification, it continues to be the third highest company in the insurance company rankings, positioned just behind Mapfre and Mutua Madrileña.

The ranking positions are obtained by analysis some two dozen variables, including ethical behaviour, transparency, helping employees through work-life balance programmes, promotion of talent and equal opportunities, commitment to the environment, and supporting the third sector, among others.

The report is prepared following an "exhaustive" process that includes the opinions of experts from different fields (representatives of NGOs, experts in CSR, members of consumer associations, financial analysts, economic journalists, trade union members and other opinion leaders), as well as those of the managers of leading Spanish companies and a sample of citizens.

“Although we have dropped one place, we have still achieved a very good result that reflects the company’s effort to be recognised for its responsible actions, a key objective of the strategic Plan Voluntad”, explains Silvia Agulló, Head of Responsible Business and Reputation at DKV.

Miguel García, Manager of Communication and Responsible Business adds, “we mustn’t forget just how difficult it is to remain in such a demanding ranking”.

There was not much change in the Por lo demás classification. Indeed, the top 8 companies already held these positions in 2016. Topping the list is still Once and Fundación Once, followed by Mercadona in 2nd place. Just below, Caixabank and Inditex swap positions. Mapfre retains its position at number five, whereas BBVA beats Iberdrola to the 6th spot, and Repsol remains 8th in the ranking.

Other changes in the top 25 companies include the arrival of Leroy Merlin, which jumps from 29th to 19th. In addition, Campofrío moves from 28th to 23rd, and El Corte Inglés, from 29th to 25th. However, overall there have been few changes in the ranking with 23 out of 25 companies staying in the same position.