We turned a house into a super-efficient home!

Household appliances account for about 45% of power consumption in homes: a significant expense that has a big impact on the environment due to electricity and water consumption


Photo: from left to right: Estefanía Guerrero, Manager of the DKV Branch in San Fernando (Cádiz); Marta Pahissa, Head of Environmental Projects in the General Insurance Department, and María del Carmen Sánchez, DKV EcoHogar policyholder and winner of the 2017 edition prize.

DKV EcoHogar aims to help homes consume less power and reduce bills, as well as their electricity and water consumption, and CO2 emissions. Therefore, DKV EcoHogar policyholders were invited to enter a prize draw to win the most efficient AAA-rated household appliances on the market.

The 2017 DKV EcoHogar prize was won on 23rd January by a DKV EcoHogar policyholder from San Fernando (Cádiz). The winner's washing machine, dishwasher and fridge were replaced with new, ultra-efficient appliances from leading brands. This initiative was made possible thanks to the General Home Insurance Department and the support of the Marketing Department.

As Luis Orts, Manager of Hogar, explains, “our home insurance portfolio ranges from our long-standing, loyal customers who have been with us for almost 35 years, to those who have just joined us”. 

The developments made in this area with the incorporation of Eco services and benefits, which help people to live in healthier and more efficient homes, offer several advantages such as participating in a prize draw to turn their house into an efficient home. The draw was entered by policyholders who have been insured with us for over 5 years in one of the current home insurance modules and with no claims in the last 5 years. 

 “It is an example of combining loyalty, rewarding good behaviour, and envisioning product innovation. In this case, the winning family had taken out home, death and life insurance despite being in a situation of unemployment, which further demonstrated the family’s relationship with the company”, adds Orts.

In 2018, we will hold three prize draws and the winners will choose the household appliance that they would like to replace: dishwasher, fridge or washing machine.

Marta Pahissa, Head of Environmental Business Development, coordinated the replacement of the household appliances in the home in San Fernando. "The estimated annual savings on energy bills in this new EcoHome in Cádiz with the three new household appliances will be close to €360 (1,630 kWh/year) and almost 500 Kg in CO2 emissions", explains Marta.  

In fact, AAA-rated fridges and freezers consume 60% less energy that A-rated appliances. Similarly, AAA-rated washing machines consume about 32% less energy than A-rated appliances, and AAA-rated dishwashers consume about 30% less than A-rated appliances. 

"I'm not joking. Translated into euros: an A-rated fridge consumes approximately €750; whereas, a home with an AAA-rated fridge will spend €300 less over 10 years on power consumption. In addition, you prevent the emission of 750 kg of CO2 into the atmosphere (if you have not signed up for green electricity in your house)", remarks Marta Pahissa.