Her Majesty Queen Sofía of Spain visits the DKV Integralia Foundation in Madrid

HM Queen Sofía learnt about Integralia's history and projects before enjoying some light refreshments with DKV employees.


Yesterday, 21 February, Her Majesty Queen Sofía of Spain visited the DKV Integralia Foundation centre in Madrid to witness first-hand the labour integration services offered by the organisation for people with disabilities. The event had been carefully prepared for days and the company certainly rose to the occasion.

HM Reina Sofía arrived at 1 p.m. and was received by the CEO of DKV Seguros, Javier Vega de Seoane, the Managing Director of DKV and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Foundation, Josep Santacreu, as well as the Director and Assistant Director of the Foundation, Cristina González and Javier de Oña. They were responsible for giving HM Queen Sofía a tour of the centre and explaining the functions and objectives of DKV Integralia, as well as its evolution over the last eighteen years, during which time the Foundation has promoted the social and labour integration of over 2,200 people with disabilities.

During the visit, Javier Vega de Seoane emphasised how important it is for companies to implement social responsibility strategies "to help solve or reduce the increasingly complex problems in society". In addition, Josep Santacreu highlighted DKV's impetus in the field of social responsibility making it one of the most active leading Spanish companies in this field. In fact, the DKV Integralia Foundation is the company's most important non-profit social action project, which aims to raise awareness in society and the business sector about the value that people with disabilities can provide to companies. Of course, he went on to highlight "what an honour and privilege it was for HM Queen Sofía to have shown an interest in personally experiencing our work aimed at the social and labour integration of people with functional diversity and degenerative diseases, who have difficulties entering the labour market".  

During her visit, the queen met several employees performing their everyday work at the centre in Madrid. And to commemorate this eventful day, at the end of the visit, the traditional group photograph was taken of HM Queen Sofía together with DKV and Integralia staff. 

However, without a doubt, the most personal moment occurred when Ainhoa Santamaría and David Rivas had the opportunity to talk to the Queen and explain what their work at the Foundation meant to them. 

Then, just before 2 p.m., a light refreshment was served on the sixth floor attended by everyone who had accompanied HM Queen Sofía during her brief tour of the centre, including Ainhoa and David. The visit ended with a personal farewell by Javier Vega de Seoane, Josep Santacreu and Cristina González.

DKV and the DKV Integralia Foundation could not be more proud and grateful for the HM Queen Sofía's visit to our call centre in Madrid. It was a real honour to share this moment with her.   

DKV understands how important it is for companies to go beyond making financial profits, and to assume their ethical, social and environmental responsibility through actions aimed at interest groups. As an insurance company, DKV endeavours to create a healthier world in the fields of healthcare, the environment, childhood obesity, the labour integration of people with disabilities, and active ageing.