The Government of Aragon honours DKV in its 20th Environment Awards

The Department of Rural Development and Sustainability of the Government of Aragon holds the “Environment of Aragon” awards every year to acknowledge actions carried out in favour of the natural environment and to raise environmental awareness among the Aragonese population. This year was the 20th annual edition of the awards and, as it coincided with World Environment Day, the Government of Aragon decided to pay tribute to the winners of the last twenty editions, one of which was DKV.

Balay, Galvanizaciones Aragonesas, Instituto Pirenaico de Ecología, Domingo Esteban Tenas, José Manuel Falcó Martín, Ayuntamiento de Borja, Agentes de Protección de la Naturaleza, Javier Blasco Zumeta, the Mountain Rescue and Intervention Group of the Civil Guard (GREIM), Professor Asit K Biswas, numerous Aragonese musicians, Miguel Catalán de Zaragoza Secondary School, CIRCE, Federación Aragonesa de Montañismo, CEPYME, CREA, UGT, CCOO, Fundación Laguna del Cañizar, BSH Electrodomésticos, Fundación Ecología y Desarrollo, Javier del Valle Melendo, DKV Seguros, and Sargantana, are just some of the distinguished people, companies and organisations. 

The event, held in the Pignatelli building in the Aragonese capital, which also hosted the DKV Medicine and Solidarity Awards in 2017, was attended by Carlos Martínez Gantes, Director of General Services and Sales, as well as members of his team: Mariluz Ruberte, Javier Garralaga, David Munárriz, Cristina González-Anleo, and Elena Martín.

The winners received a print by the artist Juan Varela Simon, the official Spanish representative of the Artist for Nature Foundation. The pieces is entitled “Ibón de Plan. Peña de las Once y Quebrantahuesos” and represents Aragonese sustainability.

The award ceremony also featured a performance by the rock group Tako, one of the winners in the "Aragonese musician" group, who played "Hilo de cobre". This performance served as an introduction for the Government of Aragon which then presented its climate change and diversity strategy. The Minister of Rural Development and Sustainability, Joaquín Olona, emphasised that the fight against depopulation is the main line of development and fundamental aim of these strategies, which is currently in different stages of implementation and was conceived with a view to forming the "basis of environmental sustainability in Aragón".

Climate change, biodiversity and the Natura 2000 network, environmental education, the forestry plan, and the waste plan are the five strategies that, in line with the Horizon 2030 plan, aim to maintain the region's environmental policy and to achieve a society in which "we can all live in a better, more united, educated, and ethical way", as stated by Olona. Javier Lambán, President of the Government of Aragon, remarked that Aragón aspires to develop "two or three" sources renewable energy sufficient to supply all of the community's energy needs. He also expressed his confidence that Zaragoza would be the first city to be supplied by these types of energies. In 2016, DKV won the Aragón Environment Award in recognition of its environmental protection work, particularly in Aragón.

This award highlights the DKV strategic approach of health care and the environment, which the company defines as "essential" pillars in its activity. DKV is a pioneer in the insurance sector and the field of environmental protection and reducing environmental impact. Of the different initiatives developed and carried out by DKV Seguros, the Government of Aragon praised the DKV Zaragoza branch in 2016 for its good practice.