6,000 covered kilometres in the Solidarity March, which translates into 18,000 euros raised to preserve our forests

Shoes ready, routes selected and solidarity mode on! These were the essential ingredients needed to hold the eighth edition of the DKV Solidarity March. In the last edition, the marches took place on the weekends of 20 and 21 October, and 27 and 28 October, organised by the Corporate Volunteers.

The VIII DKV Solidarity March took place over the last two weekends. Once again, solidarity has moved mountains. It was a huge success. 13 participating cities, with a total of 592 people. This was made up of 117 employees, 59 brokers, agents and family assistance managers, 376 relatives and 40 customers. Thank you all for your solidarity! 5,920 kilometres were covered. Not bad, right?  

This time, the VIII Solidarity March was greener than ever. First of all, because the kilometres walked translated into a donation for Plant for the Planet and Europarc, environmental bodies that plant trees and protect forests. And second, throughout the march, participants picked up and recycled rubbish along the way. The idea was to locate rubbish on the way out and pick it up on the return. 

Everybody's participation was highly valuable. It was a unique occasion to spend a pleasant morning, with family, children and friends, moving for a good cause. 

The project is aligned with the Corporate Volunteering strategy, driven by the Human Resources Department, as a value proposal for employees, the business and society.