Grants, awards and collaborations

Nuestro apoyo a los artistas emergentes


Grants and awards

With its fellowship programme, DKV Seguros materialises its commitment to emerging artists by contributing to training, art work production and access to the most promising exhibition and marketing circuits.


The programme includes grants such as:

  • MAKMA grant for graphic production 
  • Es Baluard grant for audiovisual production
  • Álvarez Margaride grant for the production of art and new technologies in collaboration with LABoral
  • Fragments grant 
  • Casa Velázquez grant
  • Grand Tour grant
  • Albarracón grant
  • Factoría cultural grant
  • MNAC grant


DKV Seguros collaborates with creators, museums and institutions whose projects of contemporary art stand out for their quality and excellence.

The Perú exhibition by Martín Chambi and Castro Prieto, two extraordinary photographers, includes over 100 photographs about the culture and people of Peru. Both their viewpoints build a joint narrative that covers the difference in time and origin between both artists.

Through Mined Lives Gervasio Sánchez wants to show the world the daily life of victims of anti-personnel landmines, their stories, their recovery process, the first steps with their new prostheses and how they rebuild their lives. In 2009 Gervasio Sánchez won the National Photography Award, being the first and, up to then, only photojournalist to receive this award.