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Retirement forms

To receive the retirement benefit, the mutual society member must submit an application

The retirement benefit is received by a mutual society member on the date of compulsory retirement due to age or permanent disability, but he must request it within five years of the retirement date in the MUFACE Provincial Services or Representative Offices by means of a application form

The amount of the benefit equates to a single payment of half of the basic monthly salary of the civil servant at the time of their retirement.

Next, we will address:

Retirement benefit application form. Comprising sections

The retirement benefit application includes the following sections:

1. Applying mutual society member

In this section the mutual society member must fill his personal details, such as:

  • Membership number
  • Surname(s)
  • First Name
  • NIF or Passport or EU Identity document
  • Home address
  • Post Code
  • Town / City
  • Province
  • Telephone

2. Requirements for the benefit

In this section, the civil servant has to mark with and X the corresponding situation, which could be Compulsory retirement due to age or permanent disability, incapacitating to carry out the service

In addition, we must specify our administrative situation from among the following options:

  • Active service
  • Services in the Autonomous Communities
  • Mandatory leave
  • special services
  • Waiting position
  • Leave of absence for caring for relatives

3. Details for the benefit's amount

On one hand, the mutual society member must record the full amounts corresponding to the month of his retirement (without extra pays or arrears): salary, three-yearly service bonus and grade (if it involves a compensation). This is TOTAL A

The retirement date must also be included

And finally, specify any other benefit received or requested for this same event, provided or funded with public funds, including the paying agency and the full amount. This is TOTAL B

In accordance with these details of section 3, the full amount of the retirement benefit will be equal to TOTAL A multiplied by the coefficient 0.5. From this result we subtract TOTAL B

4. Documents that must be attached

Those specified must always be accompanied by an X; these are:

-Certified copy of the Resolution which agrees the retirement
-Certificate from the Paying Unit that specifies the full basic remunerations for the month the retirement is granted

5. Details for the payment via transfer

It consists in the account's IBAN.

6. Notification details

  • Home, work or other address
  • Postcode
  • Town / City
  • Province
  • Country

Statement of liability specifying that the information included in the application is true and complete.

Members must understand the following general contents relating to the insurance for civil servants:

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