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MUFACE medical report

Characteristics of MUFACE medical reports, using the medical report for prescription approval as a model

As a general rule, medical reports must contain a series of mandatory data, such as the doctor's name and licence number, or the patient's data as well as their treatment and medications. In the case of prescription approval, there is also a favourable or unfavourable report from the medical adviser. All of this forms part of the medical care for civil servants.

We will therefore deal with:

  1. Medical report model for prescription approval
  2. Favourable or unfavourable report by the Medical Adviser for a prescription approval
  3. How can I process a prescription approval?
  4. Where can I get the medical report model for approval from?
  5. Report model: structure

Medical report model for prescription approval

A MUFACE medical report model is the prescription approval document. At a general level, a prescription is the act through which the inspection authorises, in accordance with the technical data sheet of the Spanish Agency of Medication, the acquisition of a certain medication for a specific patient via the pharmaceutical prescription from the Health System.

The Ministry of Health regulates medications that need prescriptions, based on various criteria such as drugs requiring special monitoring, new drugs that require special monitoring, and those with very high prices or a high consumption with different possibilities for use. These medications and products are grouped into drugs of special medical control and hospital diagnosis, in addition to complex dietary drugs and enteral nutrition, urinary incontinence absorbers, therapeutic elastic stockings, hyposensitising extracts, and bacterial vaccines.

Favourable or unfavourable report by the Medical Adviser for a prescription approval

In the Special Regime of the Social Security for State Civil Servants, in order to be able to dispense certain medications and products, pharmaceutical regulations demand the approval of the corresponding prescriptions, an act that in MUFACE is carried out in the Provincial Service and for the authorisation of which it is necessary to provide a report completed by the specialist practitioner on the corresponding form. This report is valid for the period indicated therein, and must be updated at least each year to renew the approval authorisation.

Usually, together with the first prescription, there must be a report from the specialist practitioner of the organisation, including the diagnosis, prescribed treatment, dosage, and duration of treatment.

How can I process a prescription approval?

Personally or by post in any MUFACE branch

Where can I get the medical report model for approval from?

On the Pharmaceutical benefits web page: Dispensing of medicines in a pharmacy with a prescription

Report model: structure

The medical report model recommended for medicines and healthcare products, which is also specified for prescription approval, starts with the doctor's identification data. Specifically, the following data is required:

  • Full name of the doctor
  • Licence Number
  • Speciality

Additionally, logically, it is necessary to reflect the patient details, which are:

  • Full name of the patient
  • Age:
  • MUFACE membership number
  • Diagnosis.
  • Prescribed treatment
  • Dosage
  • Treatment duration

Below this is the time duration warning: “This report will be valid for the duration of the treatment indicated herein. If this is not specified or it is an indefinite period, it will be considered to be valid for a period of 12 months.”

The document must be dated, and show the place, stamp, and signature of the doctor

Finally, the Medical Adviser passes a favourable or unfavourable report, indicating the reasoning.

The report finishes with the date, stamp, and signature of the Medical Adviser

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