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Pharmacy branch for medicine distribution

The dispensing of medicines in pharmacies is one of the healthcare benefits of the MUFACE healthcare system.

To acquire pharmaceuticals you must always present a prescription from MUFACE in legally established pharmacies, showing both the prescription and MUFACE card

Below, we will address the following aspects:

  1. What is involved in the dispensing of medicines at a pharmacy?
  2. Beneficiary
  3. Deadline for presenting prescriptions at a pharmacy
  4. Documentation for the dispensing of medicines in a pharmacy
  5. Regulations

What is involved in the dispensing of medicines at a pharmacy?

The dispensing of medicines at a pharmacy is understood as the supply of medicines in pharmacies via a medical prescription. Some of these prescriptions must be approved before the medicine can be dispensed. The approval is made by the Provincial Service; the authorisation requires a report by the specialist doctor completed on the corresponding form. This report is valid for the period indicated therein, and must be updated at least each year to renew the approval authorisation.


The mutual society member and their beneficiaries are eligible for the pharmacy medicine dispensation benefit. They will have to pay a certain amount, according to nature of the medication:

  • Normal contribution: The mutual society member will have to pay 30% of the price of the medicine.
  • Reduced contribution: The contribution will be of the 10% of the price of the medicine up to a limit of 4.24 euros per packet.
  • Dietary products and blood glucose test strips will be exempt from this payment.

Deadline for presenting prescriptions at a pharmacy

In general, prescriptions will be valid for a period of 10 calendar days. This period will begin from the date on the prescription or approval, when applicable. Prescriptions for individually prepared hyposensitising extracts will be valid for 90 days.

Documentation for the dispensing of medicines in a pharmacy

The documentation required for the dispensing of medicines in a pharmacy is the following:


  • Section 6 Pharmaceutical provision of the General Regulations on Administrative Mutualism. (external link)
  • Only Additional Provision and Annex V of Royal Decree 1030/2006 on the National Health System common services list (external link).
  • Royal Decree 618/2007, of 11 May, (external link) regulating the procedure for establishing, through approval, reserves unique to the conditions of prescription and dispensation of medicines.
  • Royal Decree 1718/2010, of 17 December (external link), on distribution medical prescriptions and dispensation orders.

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