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Help for caring for psychiatric patients

This comprises financial aid for mutual society members and beneficiaries with psychiatric illnesses under certain circumstances.

This is financial aid set aside for mutual society members and beneficiaries suffering from a chronic psychiatric illness that makes it necessary to remain in a controlled environment in a hospital, centre, or recognised psychiatric unit, provided that they do not have the right to healthcare for this contingency, nor cover the provision in other ways.
The amount is established as a maximum of 87.00 euros per day of being committed, with the remainder of the cost being paid by the interested party.

With respect to this aid, we will look at the following issues:

  1. Regulations
  2. Beneficiaries
  3. Amount
  4. Term and place of application
  5. Request and documentation
  6. Resolution and payment
  7. Incompatibility with other MUFACE aids


This is regulated in Article 4 of the Resolution of 10 May 2017, of the General Mutual Society for State Civil Servants, calling for the granting of social-healthcare aid in 2017 (Official State Gazette of 23 May, 2017), and in Article 135 of the General Regulations on Administrative Mutualism.


The people who can request these aids are:

  1. a) MUFACE mutual society members or beneficiaries who are registered or in an equivalent position
  2. b) That do not have right to healthcare for this contingency
  3. c) That do not have cover via other means, nor receive aid for this same concept from other public or private authorities.


The financial aid is a maximum of 87 euros per day of being committed, with the remainder of the cost being paid by the interested party. For these purposes, the calculation of the cost will take into account all the concepts deriving from the integral psychiatric care of the patient, including any pharmacology.

Presentation term and place:

Requests can be presented up until 31 December, 2017, inclusive.

The presentation may be made to:

  • MUFACE Provincial Services or Representative Offices, or through any of the registers provided for in Article 16.4 of Act 39/2015, of 1 October, on the Common Administrative Procedure of Public Administrations.
  • Alternatively, you can submit your application to MUFACE via the Electronic Common Administrative Registry (REC) of the Public Administration. To do this, you must have a valid Electronic DNI (Electronic Spanish ID) or digital certificate.

Request and documentation

Along with the application, an updated report must be submitted by an independent doctor from the centre whose admission is the subject of the application, issued according to the model that will be provided together with the request, stating the chronic nature of the illness suffered, or, where applicable, a judicial order of commitment, unless the order provided for the previous award is still in force. It must also be accompanied by a certificate issued by the competent body of the accrediting Autonomous Community of the non-payment by the mutual society member or beneficiary of aid for said concept, or where applicable, expressing the aid or service granted and a sworn statement of not having the right to healthcare for this contingency.

Resolution and payment

The resolution will indicate the character of daily aid, the daily amount to be paid, and the start date of the right to accrual, that will be valid up to and including 31 December 2017, and will take effect from the date of admission or start of treatment in the psychiatric centre, and in no case before 1 January, 2017

Incompatibility with other MUFACE aids

In the case of being committed definitively, aid from of this programme will be incompatible with the following MUFACE aid programmes:

- Aid from the programme to provide personal independence
- Aid from the programme for extension of previous allowances
- Aid from the programme for drug dependency
- Aid from the programme for temporary stays in specific centres during periods of convalescence with temporary loss of autonomy
- Aid from the programme for people with coeliac disease

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