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Benefits for cancer patients

Social-healthcare protection benefits for mutual society members or beneficiaries that have an oncological illness aimed at satisfying their special needs.

In the ruling of 10 July 2018 of the General State Civil Servant Mutual Society, announcing social-healthcare protection benefits for 2018, subsection 1.6 establishes a programme of benefits for cancer patients to help cover the costs of purchasing hair prostheses or post-mastectomy bras required as a result of the prescribed treatment.

In this article we will address:

Beneficiaries of these benefits

This benefit can be applied for by any person who fulfils all the following requirements:

  • Being a MUFACE mutual society members or beneficiaries and being registered therein or in an equivalent position.
  • Have an oncological illness, duly certified, without age limit.


The economic benefit will consist in the invoice amount, conditional upon following limits:

  • In hair prostheses a maximum of 150 euros with a frequency of once per year of announcement.
  • In post-mastectomy bras up to two garments per year of announcement, with a maximum of 40 euros for each one.

Request and documentation

In addition to the documentation required in subsection 2.9 of the common rules of Resolution of 10 July 2018, the interested party must provide the following documentation accompanied by the application:

  • Medical report that certifies the oncological illness of the beneficiary and the need of the purchases and adjustments object of this benefit.
  • Originals invoices or copies thereof authenticated by the administrative registry where they are submitted, which must meet the legal and regulatory requirements.

Subsection 2.9.1 specifies that “the supporting documents provided to MUFACE to apply for the benefits must be originals or copies authenticated by the administrative registry where they are submitted; if they are public documents issued by any Administration, Act 39/2015 of 1 October shall prevail. Additional documents that, according to the applicants, justify said application or provide relevant information about it”

Resolution and payment

The resolution of the granting of these benefits will be effective from 1 January to 31 December 2018, taking into account, in any case, that established in subsection 2.4 of the current announcement resolution.

Subsection 2.4 regarding budgetary appropriations establishes that “the total amount allocated to these benefits for the year 2018 will be the total amount of the corresponding credit, in the terms set forth in the current regulations on budgetary management.

Furthermore, the benefits requested within the time limit and whose right has been recognised or the submission of the required documents for their payment has been carried out within the time period of this announcement resolution, as well as the benefits from other announcements that have been recognised following an appeal or a review of a decision, may be funded using this budgetary item.”

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