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Death subsidy

The death subsidy is a single-payment economic benefit paid to the beneficiaries when the mutual society member passes away.

This grant is included within the range of protective services offered by MUFACE, such as healthcare. With regard to this subsidy, we will address:

Applicable regulations

This subsidy is governed by article 133 of the General Regulation of the Administrative Mutual Society and Order APU/95/2004 of 12 January (link is external). It dictates regulations for applying the death subsidy under the Special Social Security Regime of State Civil Servants (Official State Gazette no. 23, of 27 January), modified by Order HAP/2786/2012 of 19 December (link is external), modifying Order of 29 July 1987, which establishes as a social-healthcare benefit an economic aid to purchase housing by MUFACE mutual society members, Order of 30 December 1988, which reviews the amounts of certain economic benefits of the General Mutual Society for Civil Servants and Order APU/95/2004 of 12 January, which dictates regulations for the application of the death subsidy under the Special Social Security Regime of State Civil Servants.

Amount of the death subsidy

According to these regulations, specifically the one of 27 December 2012, in its article 4, the death subsidy will consist in a single-payment economic benefit calculated according to the age of the causing mutual society member on the date of his death, in accordance with the following rules:

  1. a) Mutual society member deceased with less than 41 years of age. The amount of the subsidy is determined by multiplying the module's amount by the age of the deceased.
  2. b) Mutual society member deceased with 41 years of age or above. The module's amount is multiplied by the number of years remaining by the deceased to reach 80 years of age.
  3. c) The value of the multiplying module is set at 93.91 euros.

The value of the multiplying module, as well as its repercussion on the minimum received amount guaranteed by article five, can be updated in accordance with the budgetary possibilities of the General Mutual Society. This update shall be agreed by means of an Order of the Minister of Finance and Public Administrations, applying the suitable index of the current ones available.

According to article five, if the amount of the death subsidy, calculated in accordance with the previous section, is lower than 751.28 euros, this amount will be paid and established as the minimum amount to be received for this subsidy.


Family members or similar that live with and are dependent of the causing mutual society member.

Term for submission

The application can be submitted within five years of the death.

Place of Presentation

MUFACE Provincial Services or Representative Offices or in any of the registries considered in Article 16 of Act 39/2015, of 1 October, on the Common Administrative Procedure of the Public Administration.

Alternatively, you can submit your application to MUFACE via the Electronic Common Administrative Registry (REC) of the Public Administration. To do this, you must have a valid Electronic DNI (Electronic Spanish ID) or digital certificate.


  • Application form
  • Declaration regarding better right to the subsidy (compulsory)
  • Individual declaration of admissible incomes (compulsory presentation, except for the spouse, person equivalent to a spouse or non-emancipated children)
  • Model 145 - Communication of details to the payer (if you fail to communicate any personal information, or changes to the personal information, to the payer, the corresponding withholding will be applied without taking into account these circumstances. Article 88.2 of the Personal Income Tax Act)
  • Specification of the order of beneficiaries of the death subsidy

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